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From:  Hyde Park, Doncaster (SE576024)
To:  Rossington Bridge (SK630993)
Via:  White Rose Way, Great Yorkshire Way
Distance:  5 miles (8 km)
Meets:  M18, A18, A638, B6463
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Route outline (key)
A6182 Link in Doncaster
Approaching the M18

The A6182 originally connected Doncaster to the M18, but was extended across the motorway in 2016, to a junction with the A638 (old A1) at Rossington Bridge, along the first stage of the Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme. The road is east of the A1(M) but west of the original line of the A1 meaning the road may or may not be out-of-zone.

The road starts at a roundabout south of the town centre at a roundabout on the A18 and the A638, passing through the suburb of Hyde Park, before reaching another roundabout and turning eastwards, along the south of the Lakeside retail and office development. The road then heads south at Lakeside signalised junction (formerly a roundabout until 2012), where a link road connecting to the A638 outside Doncaster racecourse joins from the north. The road passes over the East Coast Main Line on two parallel bridges (the second added on dualling in 2012), through another signalised junction (Potteric Carr, another former roundabout), with a retail park to the west and a nature reserve to the east.

The road then continues, in a dead-straight route across the marshes to M18 J3 which was the original end of the road. The section between Lakeside South and the M18 was initially built as the single carriageway White Rose Way with roundabouts which were converted to signalised junctions on dualling in 2012.

South of the M18, the road turns sharply east, along Great Yorkshire Way, the first phase of the Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme (FARRRS). This first section of FARRRS is dual carriageway, reaching a roundabout at the north-west corner of Rossington, with links from the roundabout to a logistics hub and the village, on a road built through the former Rossington Colliery. The road then continues eastwards as a single carriageway, squeezed between the M18 and the village of Rossington, with bridges over the River Torne and the ECML. This final section ends at Rossington Bridge junction (also known as Parrot's Corner) with the B6463 and the A638, and is now the signed route into Doncaster for northbound traffic from both of those roads.

A second phase of FARRRS was then built, heading east to join with the existing Doncaster Sheffield (Robin Hood) Airport entrance on Hurst Lane. This opened on the 15th of June 2018 [1]

JunctionsLakeside Junction (Doncaster) • Parrots Corner • Potteric Carr • Sidings Roundabout • St Catherines Interchange
MiscellaneousDoncaster Sheffield Airport
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