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C24 (North Lanarkshire)

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From:  Blackwood Roundabout (NS768766)
To:  Old Inns Junction (NS768766)
Via:  Craig Marloch
Distance:  3.9 miles (6.3 km)
Meets:  B8048, B802, A8011, M80, B816
Highway Authorities

North Lanarkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C24 Link at Cumbernauld
This article is about the Class III road numbered C24 maintained by North Lanarkshire Council.
For other roads numbered C24, see C24

The C24 is a difficult route to define, due to conflicting or incomplete information in the council list. As far as can be ascertained the route is as follows, but this may not be entirely correct. It starts on the B8048 at the Blackwood Roundabout and heads north east then east on Smithstone Road, passing through two more roundabouts. The B802 is crossed at another roundabout, and then the C24 follows Eastfield Road north east through Craigmarloch and past a big Tesco store.

The whole route acts as a distributor road, so most of the junctions are roundabouts, even those for the school and community centre set in Cumbernauld Community Park to the south. In addition, much of the route is lines with mature trees, screening the housing estates beyond. The route slowly converges with the M80 Motorway, before curving away a little to accommodate the sliproads. It then comes to an end at the roundabout that marks the northern end of the A8011, where the eastbound M80 sliproads meet, at Old Inns Junction. The onward route, running alongside the motorway is the B816.

C24 (North Lanarkshire)
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