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From:  Kirkintilloch (NS657735)
To:  Cumbernauld (NS743741)
Distance:  5.6 miles (9 km)
Meets:  A806, B757, B802, M80, A73
Highway Authorities

East Dunbartonshire • North Lanarkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B8048 Cumbernauld - Kirkintilloch

The B8048 is a link road in Scotland's Central Belt between Kirkintilloch and Cumbernauld. It was originally unclassified but had gained its number by 1932. Despite the growth of the New Town of Cumbernauld, the route seems to have remained largely on its original line.


Wester Gartshore near Kirkintilloch

The road starts on the A806 (formerly the A8006) to the south of Kirkintilloch town centre and heads eastwards along Waterside Road through the suburbs, passing playing fields on the left and housing to the right. After crossing the Luggie Water on Oxgang Bridge, the road kinks right at Oxgang Roundabout to follow the Luggie Water for a time. The housing and schools gradually fade away into open fields, although new developments are slowly creeping along the roadside. After around a mile and a half of open countryside, the road turns right at a mini roundabout, over a railway bridge and then left at another roundabout. These are the first in a series of regular roundabouts as the road runs through the Blackwood area of Cumbernauld.

At the 5th roundabout, the B802 joins from the north; there's a short multiplex to the next, much larger, Craiglinn Roundabout with the B8048 number dominant as the other road has been rerouted. The B802 heads off south towards Airdrie, whilst the B8048 enjoys a short dualled section to the Black O' Hill Roundabout. The now-unclassified D2 road continues south to meet the A8011 at M80 J4A, although access to the motorway is somewhat limited. The B8048 itself continues to meet the M80 properly at J5, a dumbbell junction at the start of the A73. However, there's no access to the A8011 this way.


As noted above, the B8048 remains surprisingly true to its original line. The route originally started very slightly further west in Kirkintilloch, at a junction with the B757 Townhead. It then followed Industry Street to the south of the modern roundabout. As the road runs east, the numerous roundabout have all been added over the years; the Craiglinn Roundabout appearing to be large enough to be Grade Separated, but so far there is no firm evidence to suggest that this was ever more than a possibility. The B8048 has been slightly realigned through this junction, but the old line is completely lost under new roads and landscaping.

At the far eastern end of the route, the B8048 originally met the A80 at a T junction. This had been upgraded to a roundabout when the A80 was dualled in the 1950s, and lay immediately to the south west of the current junction. The old route of the B8048 here survives as access to a single house, and runs behind the hotel and restaurant without any access to them.

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