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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Upton, Slough (SU980791)
To:  Walton Bridge Road, Shepperton (TQ091666)
Via:  Staines
Distance:  12.8 miles (20.6 km)
Meets:  A412, B3026, B470, M25, A30, A308, B377, B3366, B375, A244
Old route now:  A412
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Slough  • Surrey  • Windsor and Maidenhead

Traditional Counties

Buckinghamshire • Middlesex

Route outline (key)
B376 Slough – Upton
B376 Upton – Staines
(A308) Staines
B376 Staines – Shepperton
(B375) Russell Road, Shepperton
B376 Shepperton – Walton Bridge Road
A Coal Tax post in Wraysbury Road (B376), Staines

The B376 is, given its location, a surprisingly long B-road on the left bank of the River Thames in outer west London.

The route used to start on the A4 in Slough but since the extension of the A412 it now begins about half a mile further south at a roundabout on that road in the suburb of Upton.

Heading first southward, it soon crosses over the M4, then turns slightly to follow a south-easterly course through the village of Datchet. Here it meets and intersects the B470 via twin mini-roundabouts on the village green.

At the eastern edge of the village a spur of the B376 affords another, northward connection to the B470. The flag sign at the southern end of this spur labels it "B470", which is not strictly true, but understandable given that three B376 roads meet here. Far more egregious is the fact that the onward, eastbound main line of the B376 at this junction has, since 2012, been labelled "B347" – a number that has never been issued!

Continuing east the B376 goes alongside the Queen Mother Reservoir before turning right at a mini-roundabout. It crosses the Windsor to Staines railway line by Sunnymeads station before arriving at Wraysbury where it TOTSOs right at a T-junction in the centre of the village. The B376 passes various Thames Reservoirs before reaching the M25.

A spur of the B376 turns left at a roundabout to reach the M25 and A30 at J13. However, the mainline goes straight on at the roundabout to go through a tunnel under both roads before entering Staines. It multiplexes through the town on the A308 then goes off via the suburb of Knowle Green to Laleham where it joins the B377 and has to TOTSO right at a mini-roundabout.

After a short semi-rural section the B376 enters Shepperton Green where it crosses over the M3. It TOTSOs right at traffic lights in Shepperton itself, where it meets the B3366, before reaching the B375 at a roundabout a quarter of a mile further on. It multiplexes east along the B375 for another quarter-mile before turning right at a mini-roundabout to regain its number and then continues southeast to end on the A244 just to the north of Walton Bridge. In reality, this road is marked with "no through road" signs as the majority is one-way northwestbound. Traffic for Walton should stay on the B375 or even B3366 to meet the A244.

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