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Cheshire East Council

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Cheshire East Council
Location Map ( geo)
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Primary Destinations
Congleton • Crewe • Macclesfield • Nantwich
Other Important Destinations
Alderley Edge • Holmes Chapel • Knutsford • Wilmslow
Cheshire West and Chester • Derbyshire • Manchester • Shropshire • Staffordshire • Stockport • Warrington
National Highways Roads
M6 • M56 • A556

Cheshire East Council is the Highway Authority for all roads in the Administrative County of Cheshire East, with the exception of roads managed by National Highways.

It is contained within the Traditional County of Cheshire.

Primary Destinations

The following Primary Destinations are within the boundaries of the council area:

Trunk Roads

The following roads that run through the council area are at least partially Trunk Roads, and therefore managed by National Highways:

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by Cheshire East Council:

Route From To Length


A6 Luton Carlisle 299 miles View
A34 Winchester Salford 200 miles View
A41 London Birkenhead 204 miles View
A49 Ross on Wye Bamber Bridge 158 miles View
A50 Leicester Warrington 99.3 miles View
A51 Chester Kingsbury 79 miles View
A54 Ladmanlow Tarvin 42.0 miles View
A56 Chester Broughton 80.1 miles View
A500 Hanchurch Nantwich 18.8 miles View
A523 Calton Moor House Hazel Grove 31.9 miles View
A525 Newcastle under Lyme Rhyl 73 miles View
A527 Congleton Newcastle-under-Lyme 13.7 miles View
A529 Nantwich Hinstock 18.9 miles View
A530 Burleydam (NW) Lostock Gralam 22.8 miles View
A531 Madeley Heath Weston 6.7 miles View
A532 Crewe Hall Marshfield Bank 4.0 miles View
A533 Rode Heath Widnes 30.3 miles View
A534 Wrexham West Heath, Congleton 37.3 miles View
A535 Holmes Chapel Chelford 6.4 miles View
A536 Congleton Macclesfield 16.15 km View
A537 Knutsford Axe Edge Moor, near Buxton 20.3 miles View
A538 Macclesfield Altrincham 17.0 miles View
A555 Manchester Airport Hazel Grove 8 miles View
A556 Delamere Bowdon 18.7 miles View
A5011 Talke Lawton Gate 1.9 miles View
A5015 Burleydam Combermere Park Lodge 0.2 miles View
A5016 Ridley House nr Bank Farm, Ridley 0.1 miles View
A5019 Nantwich Road, Crewe Earle Street, Crewe 0.7 miles View
A5020 Crewe Green Weston 2.7 miles View
A5022 Sandbach Brereton Green 1.4 miles View
A5033 Chester Road Knutsford Town Centre 1.8 miles View
A5034 Tatton Park Bucklow Hill 1.5 miles View
A5078 West Street, Crewe Nantwich Road, Crewe 1.5 miles View
A5102 Wilmslow Stockport 7.1 miles View
A5149 Cheadle Poynton 6.5 miles View
A5365 Lower Heath Wolstenholme Elmy Way 0.94 km View   
B5071 Hatherton Crewe 7.0 miles View
B5074 Salterswall Nantwich 11.7 miles View
B5076 Crewe Bradfield Green 2.8 miles View
B5077 Crewe Green Lawton Gate, Alsager 6.2 miles View
B5078 Chellshill Barthomley 4.8 miles View
B5079 Elworth Wheelock 2.5 miles View
B5081 Smithy Green Middlewich 6.8 miles View
B5082 Rudheath Woods Northwich 5.9 miles View
B5083 Northwich Road Manchester Road 1.2 miles View
B5085 Alderley Edge Knutsford 6.4 miles View
B5086 Davenport Green Wilmslow 2.0 miles View
B5087 Macclesfield Alderley Edge 5.7 miles View
B5088 Chester Road Park Lane 0.6 miles View
B5090 Tytherington Bollington 2.3 miles View
B5091 Bradley Mount Bollington Cross 0.7 miles View
B5159 High Legh Warburton (Toll road) 4.0 miles View
B5166 Ashton upon Mersey Wilmslow 10.5 miles View
B5181 Hibel Road Park Street 0.52 miles View
B5308 Chester Road The Square 0.5 miles View
B5309 Middlewich (E) King Street Farm 1.8 miles View
B5338 Nantwich town centre Nantwich bypass 0.9 miles View
B5341 Burford Nantwich 2.6 miles View
B5358 Prestbury Heald Green 7.3 miles View
B5359 Wilmslow Chelford 4.1 miles View
B5391 Higher Wincham Over Tabley 3.5 miles View
B5392 Jodrell Bank Broken Cross 7.0 miles View
B5470 Hurdsfield, Macclesfield Chapel-en-le-Frith 12.3 miles View
B5472 Crewe Hall Meremoor Moss 1.6 miles View
B5569 Over Tabley Millington 2.6 miles View
B6101 Marple New Mills 4.2 miles View      

Classified Unnumbered (Class III) Roads and Unclassified Roads

Main Article: Cheshire East Council (Class III roads)

For their Class III road network, Cheshire East Council use "C" prefixes. They also appear to number their Unclassified road network, prefixing with a "U".


The local authority is responsible for the maintenance of the majority of junctions within its boundary.

Main Article: Cheshire East Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Cheshire East Council (Crossings)


Cheshire East Council
A6 • A34 • A41 • A49 • A50 • A51 • A54 • A56 • A500 • A523 • A525 • A527 • A529 • A530 • A531 • A532 • A533 • A534 • A535 • A536 • A537 • A538 • A555 • A556 • A5011 • A5015 • A5016 • A5019 • A5020 • A5022 • A5033 • A5034 • A5078 • A5102 • A5149 • A5365 • B5071 • B5074 • B5076 • B5077 • B5078 • B5079 • B5081 • B5082 • B5083 • B5085 • B5086 • B5087 • B5088 • B5090 • B5091 • B5159 • B5166 • B5181 • B5308 • B5309 • B5334 • B5338 • B5341 • B5358 • B5359 • B5391 • B5392 • B5470 • B5472 • B5569 • B6101
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