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Staffordshire Council

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Staffordshire County Council
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Staffordshire • Derbyshire • Warwickshire
Primary Destinations
Burton upon Trent • Cannock • Leek • Lichfield • Newcastle-under-Lyme • Rugeley • Stafford • Stone • Tamworth • Uttoxeter
Birmingham • Cheshire East • Derbyshire • Dudley • Leicestershire • Shropshire • Stoke-on-Trent • Walsall • Warwickshire • Wolverhampton • Worcestershire
National Highways Roads
M6 • M6 Toll • M54 • A5 • A50 • A449 • A500

Staffordshire County Council is the Highway Authority for all roads in the Administrative County of Staffordshire, with the exception of Trunk roads managed by National Highways. It does not manage roads within other authorities that lie within historic Staffordshire such as Stoke-on-Trent City Council or City of Wolverhampton Council.

It does, however, manage roads within some small areas of other historic counties, for example the eastern half of Tamworth in historic Warwickshire; and that area of Burton upon Trent east of the river, which is in historic Derbyshire.

Primary Destinations

The following Primary Destinations are located within the council area:

Trunk Roads

The following roads that run through Staffordshire County Council's area are at least partially Trunk Roads, and therefore managed by National Highways:

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by Staffordshire County Council:

Route From To Length


A5 London Holyhead 252 miles View
A34 Winchester Salford 200 miles View
A38 Bodmin Mansfield 309.7 miles View
A41 London Birkenhead 204 miles View
A50 Leicester Warrington 99.3 miles View
A51 Chester Kingsbury 79 miles View
A52 Newcastle-under-Lyme Mablethorpe 146.0 miles View
A53 Buxton Battlefield, Shrewsbury 55.1 miles View
A444 Baginton, Coventry Burton upon Trent 34.5 miles View
A449 Stafford Coldra, Newport 108 miles View
A451 Stourbridge Great Witley 16.2 miles View
A452 Leamington Spa Brownhills 39.8 miles View
A453 Perry Barr Nottingham 49.1 miles View
A454 Bridgnorth Sutton Coldfield 29 miles View
A458 Quinton Mallwyd 86.6 miles View
A460 Wolverhampton Rugeley 18.6 miles View
A461 Wollaston Lichfield 23.2 miles View
A462 Wednesbury Laney Green 8.3 miles View
A463 Wombourne Willenhall 7.1 miles View
A464 Oaken Telford 10.0 miles View
A511 Markfield Foston 25.2 miles View
A513 Tamworth Trinity Fields, Stafford 31.0 miles View
A515 Lichfield Buxton 45.7 miles View
A518 Trench Uttoxeter Bypass 33.9 miles View
A519 Newport, Shropshire (N) Newcastle-under-Lyme 19.7 miles View
A520 Stone Leek 16.9 miles View
A521 Meir Park Froghall 8.3 miles View
A522 Uttoxeter Wetley Rocks 14.5 miles View
A523 Calton Moor House Hazel Grove 31.9 miles View
A525 Newcastle under Lyme Rhyl 73 miles View
A527 Congleton Newcastle-under-Lyme 13.7 miles View
A531 Madeley Heath Weston 6.7 miles View
A4026 Watford Gap Little Aston 1.1 miles View
A4091 Tamworth Wishaw 5.7 miles View
A4601 Wedges Mills Blackfords, Cannock 3.3 miles View
A5005 Longton Rough Close 2.5 miles View
A5011 Talke Lawton Gate 1.9 miles View
A5013 Eccleshall Stafford 6.4 miles View
A5121 Branston Stretton 4.5 miles View
A5127 Birmingham Streethay 16.8 miles View
A5182 Acton Hanchurch 1.8 miles View
A5187 Newport Road Foregate Street 0.55 miles View
A5189 Burton upon Trent Stapenhill 1.4 miles View
A5190 Cannock Pipehill, Lichfield 7.7 miles View
A5192 Stafford Road Lichfield 3.1 miles View
A5195 Brownhills Chasetown 1.8 miles View
A5206 Swinfen Lichfield 0.7 miles View
A5271 Porthill Pitts Hill 2.5 miles View
A5288 Newport Road Foregate Street 1.2 miles View   
B4138 Little Aston crossroads Perry 5.4 miles View
B4151 Walsall Bassett's Pole 8.2 miles View
B4154 Hednesford Queslett 13 miles View
B4156 The Scotlands Great Wyrley 6.1 miles View
B4176 Dudley Brockton 17.0 miles View
B4210 Springhill Walsall 4.4 miles View
B4537 New Wood Wollaston High Street 0.83 miles View
B5000 Tamworth Pinwall 6.8 miles View
B5008 Winshill Toyota Island, Willington 6.0 miles View
B5012 Penkridge Cannock 5.1 miles View
B5013 Rugeley Uttoxeter 10.6 miles View
B5014 Abbots Bromley(W) Rileyhill 8.7 miles View
B5015 The Green Uttoxeter Road 0.14 miles View
B5016 Yoxall Barton Turn 3.9 miles View
B5017 Burton upon Trent Uttoxeter 13.9 miles View
B5018 Branston Wetmore 3.7 miles View
B5026 Irelands Cross Walton, Stone 16.9 miles View
B5027 Stone Uttoxeter 14.6 miles View
B5029 Blythe Bridge Meir Heath 1.8 miles View
B5030 Uttoxeter Ellastone 5.3 miles View
B5031 Rocester Denstone 0.9 miles View
B5032 Cheadle Hanging Bridge 11.2 miles View
B5033 Ellastone Darley Moor 3.5 miles View
B5038 Florence Hanchurch 4.8 miles View
B5044 Newcastle-under-Lyme Keele 3.1 miles View
B5051 Longport Endon 5.4 miles View
B5053 Froghall Brierlow Bar 16.7 miles View
B5054 Newhaven Warslow 4.8 miles View
B5066 Stafford Meir Heath 11.7 miles View
B5080 Stoneydelph Quarry Hill 1.3 miles View
B5234 Abbots Bromley Needwood 6.3 miles View
B5314 Weston-under-Lizard Weston Heath 1.8 miles View
B5315 Granville Square Stone Station 0.3 miles View
B5331 Poolend Rudyard 1.0 mile View
B5352 Whitmore Road Higherland 0.37 miles View
B5367 Newcastle-under-Lyme Shraleybrook 5.4 miles View
B5369 Basford ST5 Chesterton ST5 2.3 miles View
B5371 Kidsgrove Butt Lane 1.0 mile View
B5404 Hopwas Quarry Hill 5.7 miles View
B5405 Woodseaves Great Bridgeford 5.7 miles View
B5415 Red Bull Winnington 2.8 miles View
B5416 Derby Street Union Street 0.4 miles View
B5417 Cheadle Cauldon Lowe 6.0 miles View
B5440 Wilnecote Glascote Heath 1.4 miles View
B5493 Tamworth Appleby Magna 7.8 miles View
B5500 Chesterton Balterley Heath 7.1 miles View     

Classified Unnumbered (Class III) and Unclassified Roads

Main Article: Staffordshire Council (Class III roads)

For its Class III road network, Staffordshire County Council uses "C" prefixes. Unusually, the council also chooses to number all of its unclassified roads with the prefix "D".


Main Article: Staffordshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Staffordshire Council (Crossings)


Staffordshire Council
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