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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Prestbury (SJ907782)
To:  Heald Green (SJ855869)
Distance:  7.3 miles (11.7 km)
Meets:  A523, A5102, A555, B5094, A34
Former Number(s):  A34
Highway Authorities

Cheshire East • Stockport

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B5358 Prestbury - Dean Row
(A5102) Dean Row
B5358 Dean Row - Heald Green
This article is about the modern B5358 between Prestbury and Heald Green.
For the older version in South Derbyshire, see B5358 (Swadlincote)

Heald Green

The B5358 is a contrasting road in north Cheshire. The number first came to the area in the late 1920s.

The road starts at traffic lights on the A523 in the fields to the north of Prestbury. It heads northwest and immediately goes under the Macclesfield to Stockport railway line before winding across open country. After a few miles of fields and isolated buildings a roundabout is reached on the A5102. There's a multiplex left along that road into Dean Row, then the B5358 bears right at the next roundabout to regain its number.

We continue northwest, back in sight of open fields again, and soon reach another roundabout. Originally the B5358 continued ahead to end on the A526 (renumbered A34 in 1935) just north of Wilmslow. That road still appears to be the more important route at this junction but since the 1960s the B5358 has turned right instead. It gains a weight restriction and enters Handforth along Handforth Road. The A34 bypass is soon crossed, then we go over the Wilmslow to Stockport railway line by Handforth station and then reach traffic lights in the centre of town.

Until the Handforth bypass was opened in the mid-1990s the B5358 ended here on the A34 but our road now TOTSOs right to head north along the pre-bypass main road. We head out of town along Wilmslow Road and soon reach a dumbbell at what used to be the western end of the A555, after which the B5094 turns right at traffic lights and we move into Heald Green. We skirt the eastern side of the suburb then reach a roundabout providing access to a retail park. A short dualled section takes us to journey's end at a roundabout GSJ on the A34.


The DfT Card Index from c2002 gives the following route description for the B5358: 'A5358 - Overdale - Handforth.' While Overdale and Handforth can be located on mapping, the reference to the A5358 is rather puzzling, particularly as the implication is that it lies at the southern end of the route. So far the only evidence supporting this is a suspected typo in a Cheshire East document, which states 'A5358 Bonis Hall Lane/Mill Lane' when Mill Lane has always been unclassified. It seems unlikely, however, that A5358 is a misprint for B5358 in the DfT document, as there is no opportunity for a spur to have existed, and certainly not for the B5358 to start on itself. For now this is being filed as an unexplained error, until further evidence either way appears.

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