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A34, A40, M40, A44, A420, A4142
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Banbury • Cheltenham • Evesham • High Wycombe • Milton Keynes • Newbury • Northampton • Swindon
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Oxford is an historic university city, geographically between the South East and the Midlands. Most through traffic runs on the Ring Road, built between the 1930s and 1960s.

Inner Relief Road

The most controversial road scheme the city faced was a planned inner relief road running around the south and west of the city centre. Early proposals for the road were made in the 1940s and various schemes were put forward during the following decades. The 1940s and 1950s schemes consisted of at-grade junctions with the majority being roundabouts and some of the proposals had the road continuing clockwise around the north of the city centre crossing the river towards Marston. By the 1960s GSJs started to feature and the standard of the road gradually improved from then on. The main sticking point was the need to cut across Christ Church Meadow, an area of open land near the city centre bordered on two sides by rivers. Public inquiries were held in 1956 and 1965 where routes passing to the south of the meadow received far fewer objections. The northern extension to Marston was also heavily criticized by locals and this no longer featured in later proposals. By 1968 the plan was for an urban motorway standard road with spurs intended to capture traffic entering the city from several directions and the limited access fork junctions at key locations were aimed to direct them onto the relief road. Central to this would be two large multi storey car parks with direct links to the new road enabling commuters and shoppers to drive their vehicles straight into a parking space without having to use surface streets, an idea several other cities promoted at the time. One of these car parks, St Ebbe's, was built and the one way road surrounding it was part of these plans. The car park was demolished in 2015. Several roads in the city centre would be pedestrianised or restricted to buses only to encourage traffic to use the new road. The 1968 plans included several alternative alignments for the relief road with the recommended option being to pass to the south of the meadow as recommended at the public inquiry. This scheme is shown here along with the restricted roads in solid grey. Despite saving the meadow the road continued to attract strong local opposition which inevitably resulted in its abandonment sometime in the 1970s.

1968 recommended scheme
Route To Notes


London, High Wycombe Via A40


The MIDLANDS, Banbury, Northampton (M40), Bicester Via M40


The SOUTH, (M4), Newbury, Abingdon


London, (M40 Accessed by M40


Cheltenham, Witney


Evesham, Oxford Airport


Swindon, Bristol (M4)


Ring Road


Ring Road


Reading, Wallingford, Henley (A4130), Sandford, Oxford Science Park, Littlemore Park





formerly A43


Wooton, Scout Camp Site, Boars Hill









Birmingham, now A44


Reading now A4094


Northampton, Bicester now A34


Named Junctions

Image Name Classified Road(s) Grid Reference More Info Map
Photo-required.png Botley Interchange A34 / A420 SP485066
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Cowley Junction A4142 / B480 SP550038
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Cutteslow Roundabout A40 / A4165 SP503102
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Headington Roundabout A40 / A420 / A4142 SP554074
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Heyford Hill Roundabout A423 / A4074 / A4142 SP528028
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Hinksey Hill Interchange A34 / A423 SP511035
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Kennington Roundabout A423 / A4144 SP519035
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Littlemore Roundabout A4142 / A4158 SP535032
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Peartree Hill Roundabout A4142 / A4158 SP491112
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Peartree Interchange A34 / A44 SP492109
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png The Plain A420 / A4158 / B480 SP521060
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Wheatley Interchange M40 / A418 SP627046
SABRE • Google • geo
Photo-required.png Wolvercote Roundabout A44 / A4144 SP496101
SABRE • Google • geo

NCN51 • A34 • A40 • A42 (Reading - Birmingham) • A43 • A44 • A420 • A423 • A4074 • A4141 (Oxford) • A4142 • A4144 • A4158 • A4165 • A4260 • B480 • B4014 (Oxfordshire) • B4027 • B4150 • B4495 • B4496 • E05 • Longest Lane • M40 • Oxford Ring Road • T10 (Britain) • T13 (Britain) • T42 (Britain) • T47 (Britain) • T114 (Britain)
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