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From:Ammanford (SN628121)
To:Briton Ferry (SS740938)
Via:Pontardawe, Neath
Length:20 miles (32.2 km)
Meets: A483, A4069, B4603, A4067, A4230, B4434, A4230, A465, A48
Former Number(s):A48
Old route now:A483
Highway Authorities

Carmarthenshire Council • Neath Port Talbot Council

Traditional Counties

Carmarthenshire • Glamorgan

Route outline (key)
A474 Llandeilo - Ammanford
A474 Ammanford - Briton Ferry


In the small town of Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, a few miles north of Swansea, a turn to the east from the A483 will take you onto the A474 and, if you so choose, on to Briton Ferry via Pontardawe and Neath. This is another classic example of where it would be quicker to take the A483 and M4 but hey - why not give this road a try?

Ammanford - Briton Ferry

The level crossing at Ammanford

From Ammanford, we head east along a single-carriageway alignment, following the River Amman towards Glynaman, then onto Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen (GCG), where we gradually turn southwards. After entering Glamorgan we meet the A4069, a road that will take you to Brynaman and into the Black Mountain, the western mountain of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

We continue south through former coal-mining territory, reaching Pontardawe, on the A4067 Swansea Valley road. As the A4067 now bypasses Pontardawe, we negotiate a series of roundabouts to the southern side of the valley, eventually climbing over the top of the A4067 as we make our way to Neath.

Very precise signpost on the A474 at Rhos, near Pontardawe

I am not familiar with this next stage of the route. Inspection of the map shows that we climb quickly in a north-easterly direction before turning south once again, passing through Rhos on our way to Neath.

The map suggests that the village of Bryn-coch has been bypassed.

Furnace Terrace in Neath

On the fringe of Neath, we turn right and pass under the main South Wales railway line. A footbridge takes pedestrians from the A474 over the A465 dual carriageway into Neath town centre. At the next roundabout, the A474 turns left onto a dual-carriageway link road which passes under the A465. Access to the A465 is gained from a roundabout here.

We pass over the river Neath and the railway again, then turn right at a roundabout towards Briton Ferry. We run parallel to the railway, reaching the A48 at a roundabout at the east end of the original Briton Ferry bridge.


Originally the A474 ran from the A40 in Llandeilo to the A48 in Neath. Extension of the A483 in 1935 cut the A474 back to Ammanford but the road was extended at the other end in the 1950s when the A48 was rerouted over the Briton Ferry bridge and the A474 took on its original route. Sizeable sections of the A474 have since been bypassed.

JunctionsNeath Abbey Interchange
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