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Location Map
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From:  Llanfair Caereinion (SJ084078)
To:  Redbrook (SJ508411)
Distance:  38.2 miles (61.5 km)
Meets:  A458, B4382, B4389, A490, B4393, B4396, A483, B4580, B5009, B5068, A528, B5063, A525
Former Number(s):  B4394, B4399, B4396, A5, A5014
Highway Authorities

Powys • Shropshire • Wrexham

Traditional Counties

Flintshire • Montgomeryshire • Shropshire

Route outline (key)
A495 Llanfair Caereinion – Llynclys
(A483,A5) Llynclys – Oswestry Bypass
A495 Oswestry Bypass – Ellesmere
(A528) Ellesmere
A495 Ellesmere – Redbrook

The A495 is a cross-country road straddling the border between England and Wales.

Route: Llanfair Caereinion – Whitchurch

Near Meifod

Just east of a bridge on the A458 over the River Banwy, the A495 strikes out northeastwards as a single-carriageway non-primary route. Like most of the roads in this area, it has to thread its way through the hills making use of valleys, and following contours where possible. From time to time the fields give way to patches of woodland. After passing the B4382 and B4389 junctions, the steep valley sides give way to the broader Vyrnwy valley. We pass through Meifod on the north side of the valley, thus avoiding the lowest land in the valley which presumably floods from time to time. We nestle at the bottom of the hills on the north-west side of the valley and are crossed by the A490 in a short multiplex. We continue on to Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain, where we cross the River Cain before running in a multiplex with the B4393 for half a mile.

We remain in the river flood plain, crossing the English border soon after. Across the river to our right we get a good view of Llanymynech Hill, complete with earthworks associated with Offa's Dyke. We now converge with the A483, which is two miles to the east at Llanymynech Hill, but this distance gradually reduces as we bear to the east, eventually meeting the A483 at Llynclys.

We turn left onto the A483 and multiplex with it for about four miles along the Oswestry eastern bypass (which becomes the A5 half way around), before we turn right at a roundabout in order to continue on the A495. Until 1935, the A495 started in Oswestry, so it is only here we join its original route. We pass through Whittington where the road TOTSOs twice to cross the B5009 (former A5). Presently we reach Ellesmere and another multiplex with the A528. After passing through Ellesmere, and past The Mere, we take a left to regain our number, passing through a wooded section, then past Newton Mere on the right. We continue through farm land, through Welshampton, then back across the border into Wales (you head east to get from England into Wales around here). The landscape is low lying and flat around here - quite different from the start of the route.

The road terminates on the A525 at Redbrook, about three miles west of Whitchurch although still in Wales.

JunctionsLlynclys Crossroads • Whittington Roundabout
RoadsMaelor Tour
PlacesOswestry • Whitchurch
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