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From:  Thorniewood (NS697613)
To:  Muirhead (NS683690)
Distance:  7.2 miles (11.6 km)
Meets:  A721, A8, A89, A80
Former Number(s):  B757, A80
Highway Authorities

Glasgow • North Lanarkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A752 Thorniewood - Muirhead
This article is about the current A752 from Thorniewood to Muirhead.
For the former A752 from Kaimrig End to Moffat, see A752 (Kaimrig End - Moffat)

The A752 is a relatively short non-primary road linking the A721 at Thorniewood to the A80 at Muirhead. It shadows the M73 for almost its entire length.


The route begins at a signalised crossroads (the fourth arm is a small cul-de-sac) on the A721 in Uddingston. The junction is very close to, but not connected with, the M74, which is most easily accessed by heading west along the A721. It heads north along Holkmbrae Road, a suburban road where most of the properties are on the side streets and so there are very few facing directly onto this section of the A752. Before long it meets the B7001 at a small offset roundabout and the two routes briefly multiplex east along Old Edinburgh Road to a second roundabout. Now heading north on Aitkenhead Road, the route passes a prominent water tower and is again running between housing estates with few facing onto the road. At the next roundabout the edge of the urban area is met, and the route continues north, first through trees hiding an industrial area to the right, and then across fields. A long sweeping bend takes it over the North Calder Water and then it meets the A8 at a GSJ near Bargeddie. Just before the junction, it passes under the new M8, but there is no junction here, traffic has to use the A8 to join the motorway.

Johnston Loch

The junction with the A8 is an elongated dumbbell interchange, with the mainline passing under the A8 while two parallel sliproad connections meet at roundabouts on either side. From here it continues north on Langmuir Road into Bargeddie, with commerical properties on the right and housing estates to the left. The A89 dual carriageway is crossed at a roundabout and then the route continues ahead on the curving Gartcosh Road to pass under the railway bridge. There are a handful of houses beyond teh bridge, as the road curves across the fields to come up alongside and follow the M73 to its left for a couple of miles. A screen of trees blocks the view of the motorway when the two roads are at their closest, and the rest of the time they run with a field or blocks of woodland between them. To the east lie Lochend and Woodend Lochs, part of the Drumpellier Country Park, which is itself part of a larger area of wetlands and nature reserves. A car park and visitor centre sits between the two lochs along a side road on the right, which leads into Coatbridge.

Beyond the lochs, the route swings right then left to cross over the motorway into Gartcosh, entering on Coatbridge Road. The B806 comes in from the right, and then the route crosses another railway line into the centre of this fairly modern village which largely comprises housing estates set back from the road. As it passes Johnston Loch, an unclassified road comes in from the right at a roundabout. This leads to J2A on the M73, and it is thought that the B804 may get re-routed this way, but there is no evidence that it has happened yet. Instead, the B804 turns right at the next junction as it heads east to Glenboig. A couple of fields separate Gartcosh from Mount Ellen, which the route curves along Lochend Road and Drumcavel Road around the north side of to head west for a time. This leads it into Muirhead, where it turns right at a roundabout onto Station Road and heads north once more.

Station Road passes a selection of large detached and semi detached houses before passing under the A80 and into the centre of Muirhead, part of which is also called Chryston. The road reaches the pre-bypass line of the A80 at traffic lights and now splits and runs in both directions along Cumbernauld Road to join the bypass. The western arm is slightly shorter, while the eastern arm has a long eastbound onslip as the old and new lines of the A80 merge. At both ends access to the westbound carriageway is via an uncontrolled gap in the central reservation.


The old line of the route at Bargeddie before it was straightened and renumbered

The route was originally numbered as part of the B757, but raised to Class I status and given the A752 number between 1968 and 1971. This upgrade does not appear to have been related to the construction of the local motorways or bypasses, but was perhaps a reflection of the increasing traffic volumes on the route. There were some minor upgrades carried out just before the route was renumbered, however. A series of bends were removed either side of the railway bridge at Bargeddie, but development has hidden the old road line to the south, and to the north the old road has largely been reclaimed by the farmer, although a crop mark does show up in satelite imagery. At Gartcosh, the route was moved west to make way for the motorway, and the old road is still largely in place, but severed, as Coatbridge Road and Lochend Road, passing through the village in a fairly straight line. The A80 bypass at Muirhead pre-dates the renumbering, so the A752 has always had the spur along Cumbernauld Road

The 0.8 mile Gartcosh Diversion was completed in 1967 per the 1967 Scottish Development Department Report. It was carried out in conjunction with the construction of M73. The 2.5 miles between Drumpark and Gartcosh was improved at the same time, online with a diversion to remove bends to the north of Bargeddie.

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