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Location Map
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From:  Stornoway (NB421326)
To:  Port of Ness (NB538638)
Distance:  27.1 miles (43.6 km)
Meets:  A866, B8027, A859, B895, A858, B8013, B8015, B8014, Quay
Former Number(s):  B896
Highway Authorities

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A857 Stornoway - Port of Ness


The A857 is approximately 27 miles long and links Stornoway with the northern tip of Lewis (Leodhas); signage is mostly in Gaelic, although some signs are bilingual. The road is an interesting contrast, from the bustling harbour in Stornoway to the bleak, windswept north of Lewis, passing through a string of villages, separated by bleak moorland.

Stornoway - Barvas

Heading into Stornoway from the west

The road commences at its southern end at a junction with the A866 close to the Ferry Terminal in Stornoway (Steòrnabhagh), where Caledonian MacBrayne ferries sail to Ullapool. The precise start point is uncertain, and a common assumption is that it starts as Castle Street, with South Beach being the A866. However, looking back at the 1923 MOT map, the A857 is marked as including South Beach, and starting at the end of James Street, where the Bus Station now is. There is no evidence that this has ever changed with the creation of the A866.

From South Beach, including the western stub end, the A857 heads north as Castle Street, then North Beach and Cromwell Street, passing the Lifeboat Station. It becomes Bayhead, and then meets the B8027 at a roundabout junction, becoming MacAulay Road. Traffic for the A858 and A859 is then signed left along the unclassified, one-way Willowglen Road, although the actual start of the A859 is at the next roundabout. Beyond the roundabout, it passes the Western Isles Hospital, and continues north through the Laxdale (Lacasdail) and Newmarket districts of Stornoway, before leaving the town behind.

In Newmarket, the B895 to Back (Bac) and Tolsta (Tòlstadh) forks right, and then the A857 turns northwest across a barren, treeless and relentlessly bleak moorland to Barvas (Barabhas) 7 or 8 miles away, where it meets the A858. The landscape is scarred by deep gashes caused by peat digging. Just beyond the A858 junction, the A857 turns to head north east, quickly passing an unclassified road to Lower Barvas (Barabhas Larach), then through Barvas itself, followed by Upper Barvas (Baravas Uarach).

Barvas - Port of Ness

After another mile the village of Ballantrushal (Baile an Trùiseil) is reached, site of the huge Clach an Trùiseil, a 20-ft monolith, the largest in Europe. Continuing north east the A857 passes through Upper Shader (Siadar Uarach), Lower Shader (Siadar Larach), Five Penny Borve (Coig Peighinnean Bhuirgh), and Borve (Bhuirgh). It then passes an unclassified road to Melbost Borve (Mealabost Bhuirgh), and onwards through South Galson (Gabhsann bho Dheas), North Galson (Gabhsann bho Thuath), South Dell (Dail bho Dheas), North Dell (Dail bho Thuath) and Cross (Cros). From here there are numerous side roads to Cross Skigersta (Cros Sgiogarstaigh). Some of the turnings to the west offer views of the wave-lashed coast, but many stop short simply serving the farms and houses scattered across the landscape.

As the road continues north, the landscape somehow becomes more and more bleak in outlook, the drab grey houses not helping to bring any cheer, especially on grey days. Many of the gardens and grounds around the houses seem to be home to derelict cars, and whilst there are undoubtedly some very nice, desirable homes in this part of Lewis, they are the exception rather than the rule. It is, however, a fascinating place to see.

The end of the road from Port of Ness Harbour

Continuing north east the road passes through Swainbost (Suainebost), Habost (Tàbost) and Lionel (Lìonal). It then meets the B8013 to Eoropie (Eòropaidh) and the Butt of Lewis (Rubha Robhanais), and the B8015 to Eorodale (Eòrodal) and Skigersta (Sgiogarstaigh), before entering Port of Ness (Port Nis), where it meets the B8014 to Five Penny Ness (Coig Peighinnean Nis), Eoropie (Eòropaidh), and the Butt of Lewis (Rubha Robhanais), before ending at the harbour in Port of Ness. The precise end point, as with the start, is uncertain. It seems that the road stops short of the actual harbour, contrary to the norm in Zone 8, but actually stops where the road forks about 100 m from the end.

Ness is the most northerly parish in the Western Isles and has the highest proportion of Gaelic speakers in Scotland, at over 90%. According to a local tradition, the stretch of road from Galson to the Port of Ness is said to be haunted.


According to the original 1922 list, the A857 terminated at Barvas, where it met the original A859 and both ended. The road from there to Lionel was the B896. The final mile to Port of Ness was apparently unclassified. The A857 had been extended to its current length by 1932.

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