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From:  Chalfont St Peter (TQ003901)
To:  Slough (SU973800)
Distance:  8.8 miles (14.2 km)
Meets:  A413, A40, A355, A4, A332
Former Number(s):  A332, B473
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Buckinghamshire  • Slough

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B416 Chalfont St Peter - Slough
B416 (spur) Stoke Poges - Farnham Royal


The B416 is a semi-rural B-road in east Buckinghamshire.

The road starts at a roundabout on the A413 Chalfont St Peter throughpass and then heads southwestwards through town, becoming built-up almost immediately. Following a few bends the road crosses the Chiltern Main Line above Gerrards Cross station. The road originally crossed the line on a bridge over a cutting; however, in 2003 work started on filling in the cutting (putting the line in tunnel) to allow a Tesco to be built. Work was halted in 2005 following collapse of the tunnel but all is now complete.

After crossing Gerrards Cross Common the A40 is met at traffic lights. The road becomes residential again as it continues through the suburbs before it leaves town and enters a wood. The road soon goes under the M40 before continuing through trees and across fields for another few miles.

The road goes through Stoke Poges to reach Stoke Green, where a spur of the B416 turns off to the right. We head west past Stoke Park and between golf courses and soon enter Farnham Royal. The spur ends here at a mini-roundabout on the A335.

Stoke Road, Slough

The mainline continues south from Stoke Green and bears right at a mini-roundabout on the edge of Stoke Place. The road remains leafy for a short distance further before entering Slough. It heads south into the centre of town and crosses the Great Western Main Line above the station, then ends at traffic lights on the A4 just afterwards.


Main section

In 1922 the B416 was the B472 then it became part of a rerouted A332 in the 1920s South Buckinghamshire Renumbering. It remained that way until the 1970s when the importance of the routes heading north from Slough swapped, with the B473 to Beaconsfield becoming the A355 and the A332 being downgraded to B416, the lowest available B4xx number.

Farnham Royal Spur

In 1922 the spur was the B474 then it became a spur of the B473 in 1935. It remained that way until the 1970s, but when the B473 became A355 and the A332 became B416 it was renumbered as part of the B416.

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