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From:  Bangor on Dee (SJ387454)
To:  Minera (SJ277518)
Distance:  11.1 miles (17.9 km)
Meets:  A525, A528, A483, B5605, B5097, A525, B5430
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B5426 Bangor on Dee - Johnstown
(B5605) Johnstown - Pentre Bychan
B5426 Pentre Bychan - Minera
Hafod House

The B5426 is a winding road passing to the south of Wrexham. It was originally unclassified but gained its number in 1935.

The road starts on the A525 Bangor on Dee bypass just west of the old Dee Bridge and heads west along a straight road, with the river meandering over to the left. The A528 is soon crossed at a roundabout, then we reach Eyton and the road becomes more winding. We cross Wat's Dyke and then go over the A483 at a diamond GSJ. After going under the Wrexham to Shrewsbury railway line we enter Johnstown along Bangor Road and reach the B5605 (pre-bypass A483) at traffic lights.

There's a multiplex to the right for about a mile (which has existed since the B5426 was created) then the B5426 regains its number by turning left on the northern side of town and following Smithy Road, with the road narrowing as it winds above a stream. It's not long before we reach a T-junction on the B5097. There's a short multiplex to the right over the stream to a T-junction opposite a water works and the two roads go their separate ways.

The B5426 turns left to regain its number. Still barely wide enough to be S2 it follows a winding route passing Coedpoeth to the west. The road widens then we pass Minera Lead Mines (now a museum) and the settlement of New Brighton. There's a steep, winding crossing of the valley of the River Clywedog, after which we go through the village of Minera, after which the road continues on to end back on the A525 (which has followed a slightly shorter route through Wrexham town centre). Ahead is the B5430.

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