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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Rhuddlan (SJ033779)
To:  Pandy'r Capel (SJ089504)
Distance:  24.9 miles (40.1 km)
Meets:  A5151, A55, A541, A494, A525, A494
Former Number(s):  A55
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties

Denbighshire • Flintshire

Route outline (key)
B5429 Rhuddlan - Bodfari
(A541) Bodfari
B5429 Bodfari - Llanbedr-Dyffryn-Clwyd
(A494) Llanbedr-Dyffryn-Clwyd - Pentre
B5429 Pentre - Pandy'r Capel
B5429 passing under the A55

The B5429 is a lengthy road in North Wales. Originally unclassified, it gained Class II status in 1935.

The road starts on the A5151 by a golf course to the east of Rhuddlan and heads southeast. As seems to by typical for B-roads in North Wales we soon lose the central line, although the road remains wide enough for two cars to pass, and continue on with the Clwydian Range on the left and the River Clwyd on the right, both some distance away.

After several bends but no places of any size the road reaches the roundabout at A55 J28, which provides access to the eastbound slip roads. We now turn left onto the old route of the A-road, onto what would have been a multiplex originally. The next right turn is an unclassified road which eventually links to the westbound slip roads. Meanwhile we continue into Rhuallt where a poorly signed TOTSO right takes us off the ex-A55 (the old road ahead takes some time to return to the new road). The change in road quality is obvious and striking, with the road only really S1 as it leaves the village. It widens to S2 to go under the A55 but only briefly: the road is narrow once more as it starts to climb into the hills.

We continue on, with an excellent view over the Vale of Clwyd on the right, and soon enter Tremeirchion. On the far side of the village we reach a T-junction and TOTSO left back onto an S2 road. The junction is poorly signed, perhaps to persuade northbound traffic to remain on the better road through the village (this would have to TOTSO right then left to rejoin the northward B5429). Heading south, the central line was merely to lull drivers into a false sense of security as soon the road becomes narrower than ever as it descends to cross a small valley, although it doesn't stay this narrow for too long. The road continues to contour southwards and we soon reach Bodfari. We descend the steep, narrow road through the village into the valley of the River Wheeler and soon reach a T-junction on the A541.

There's a brief multiplex to the right, with the B5429 reappearing by turning left at a triangular junction. The road continues south as an S2 road, soon crossing the River Wheeler and then climbing into Aberwheeler. Continuing on we go over a roundabout in Waen before going through the village of Llandyrnog, where the road narrows again. We come within a couple of hundred yards of the River Clwyd before bearing left to avoid crossing the river. Soon we reach Rhôs and a T-junction, where we TOTSO right.

After another couple of miles we start to climb out of the valley, then reach the village of Llanbedr-Dyffryn-Clwyd (which appears on several signs along this road as Llanbedr DC). We reach the A494 at a T-junction by the church and multiplex to the right before reappearing by turning left. Only now do the Ordnance Survey decide the road is narrow enough to be mapped with a dashed line, although in practice the road is no narrower than some places before. We soon run through the village of Graig-fechan, bearing sharply right on the far side of the village to go through Pentre-celyn. After passing a bus turning loop the A525 is crossed.

Signs now warn that the B5429 is unsuitable for HGVs and following the road ahead will make it obvious why. We go through a small valley below crags then pass through the scattered village of Rhyd-y-meudwy. There's then a right-hand loop with the road heading northwards briefly before a sharp left-hand bend takes it onto a road with the air of a rutted farm track. If it were not for the signs every so often (giving the B5429 number) we would not believe this is actually a Class II road. There's a steep descent into Llanelidan, after which we give way to an unclassified road (which seems to be better engineered than ours). After a steep climb we descend gently into the valley of the River Clwyd, ending at a T-junction back on the A494; that road has taken a shorter route to get here from Llanbedr DC, albeit through the centre of Ruthin.

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The B5429 as it goes under the A55 - Geograph - 29548.jpgApproaching Rhydymeudwy from Llanelidan - Geograph - 1579999.jpg
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