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C513 (Sunderland)

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Location Map ( geo)
Silksworth Lane, Sunderland - Geograph - 3946791.jpg
Silksworth Lane
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From:  Elstob Farm (NZ384550)
To:  Silksworth (NZ385532)
Distance:  1.3 miles (2.1 km)
Meets:  B1405
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C513 Elstob Farm - Silksworth
This article is about the Class III road numbered C513 maintained by Sunderland Council.
For other roads numbered C513, see C513

The C513 is a short urban route in Sunderland. It begins at an elongated roundabout on the B1405 near Elstob Farm and heads south along Silksworth Lane. This roundabout is a relatively modern construction - the former route, no longer a through route, passes to the east incorporating a sharp right-hand bend. The continuation of Silksworth Lane to the north is unclassified, although it may once have been numbered C520. The C513, meanwhile, continues south passing the entrances to a large supermarket and Sunderland Tennis Centre. It passes through a roundabout before reaching a second roundabout, where Silksworth Lane carries straight on, bending around to the west, but the C513 turns abruptly south-east into Silksworth village.

Looking south-east along Warwick Terrace

From here, the road suddenly changes character from a suburban distributor to a narrow residential street, with terraced houses on both sides. It follows Warwick Terrace, then bends around to the right along Blind Lane, with several shops on the left. It soon reaches a set of traffic lights at the crossroads where it meets Silksworth Terrace and Tunstall Village Road. The C513 ends here, despite being the only classified road at the crossroads - this is because the B1286 formerly ran along Silksworth Terrace and Tunstall Village Road before it was re-routed via Doxford Park to the south. It appears that the C513 was not extended to meet the new route of the B-road.

C513 (Sunderland)
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View north along Silksworth Lane - Geograph - 5347084.jpgSilksworth Lane, Sunderland - Geograph - 3946791.jpgWarwick Terrace, Sunderland - Geograph - 3946763.jpg
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