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Duplicated road numbers

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This is a list of numbers that are currently in use in two different locations within the same numbering jurisdiction (Great Britain or Northern Ireland).

  • It does not include roads such as the A34 or A46 which are currently in two or more sections as a consequence of the renumbering of intermediate sections.
  • It does not include Class III Roads or other Classified Unnumbered roads which are likely to be duplicated between admistrative areas.

Great Britain

A Roads

B Roads

C Roads

Class III Roads may be repeated from authority to authority, and some authorities have non standard numbering patterns; however, the following roads are considered duplicate numbers that conform to the rules of not being by division and not by re-use after the original number became defunct.

Cambridgeshire Council

Medway Council

Northern Ireland

The following duplicates have existed since the roads were first numbered. There has never been a B51 or B54, which suggests that the B52 and B53 duplications may be the result of a clerical error. The bizarre case of the two A37s, however, has never been explained.

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