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Siorrachd Obar Dheathain
Location Map
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Primary Destinations
Aberdeen • Braemar • Fraserburgh • Peterhead
Current Highway Authorities
Aberdeen • Aberdeenshire Council
Banffshire • Inverness-shire • Kincardineshire • Perthshire
Transport Scotland Roads
A90 • A96
This article is about the County.
For the Highway Authority, see Aberdeenshire Council

The historic county of Aberdeenshire covers much of north-east Scotland, around the city of Aberdeen, but is considerably smaller than the area covered by the modern Aberdeenshire Council. The modern administrative area also includes Kincardineshire and parts of Banffshire, whilst not including the city of Aberdeen.

Geography & Economy

The B999 near Pitmedden

The large county of Aberdeenshire stretches from the North Sea to the highest peak in the Cairngorms, taking in the scenic Strathdon and Deeside, as well as the wide coastal plain of North East Scotland. It is a varied landscape, with beaches and high sea cliffs along the coast contrasting with beaches and cliffs around the high lochs of the mountains! The coastal plain, like in neighbouring counties, is fertile farmland which helps sustain a number of food industries in the region. Fishing is also an important business, from the ports of Fraserburgh and Peterhead, although it is the North Sea oil boom that has provided a significant impact on the local economy in the last few decades.

The south west of the county stretches into the mountains above Deeside, and is a popular tourist destination, whether for hill climbers of those seeking out the sights and landmarks favoured by Queen Victoria near Balmoral. Strathdon to the north is equally scenic, although perhaps overlooked and so quieter for the visitors that do find it. In winter months, ski centres on the county boundaries are popular destinations, and other adventure pursuits are catered for further east in warmer months.


The old bridge of Dee at Invercauld

The majority of the county has a dense network of A, B and unclassified roads connecting the towns and villages. It is only in the mountainous south west where the side roads disappear and the network is reduced to the A93, A939 and a couple of B roads. A series of fine bridges span the two main rivers, the Dee and Don, some having royal patronage, others dating back to the military roads of Major Caulfeild, or Thomas Telfords commission on Highland roads and bridges.

All of the non trunk roads in the county are maintained by either Aberdeenshire Council or Aberdeen Council. The trunk routes, which include the A90 and A96 are managed by Transport Scotland. Construction has now started on the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, which will see significant changes to the road network around the city. The A90 will be rerouted, but other changes are yet to be confirmed.

Route From To Length
A90 Edinburgh Fraserburgh 176 miles View
A9011 Westgrove Drive Stockethill 0.9 miles View
A9012 Ashgrove Northfield 0.5 miles View
A9013 Bridge of Dee Aberdeen 2.3 miles View
A920 Dufftown Ellon 46.1 miles View
A93 Aberdeen Perth 110 miles View
A93/History Perth Aberdeen 110 miles View
A939 Nairn Ballater 59.6 miles View
A941 Lossiemouth Rhynie 41 miles View
A944 Aberdeen Colnabaichin 50.3 miles View
A945 Bridge of Dee Aberdeen 1.4 miles View
A946 Kittybrewster Aberdeen Docks 1.2 miles View
A947 Bucksburn Banff 40.7 miles View
A948 Ellon New Deer 13 miles View
A949 Toll of Birness Peterhead 12.6 miles View
A950 Peterhead New Pitsilgo (NW) 19.224 miles View
A951 Queen Street Kirk Street 0.3 miles View
A952 Toll of Birness Rathen 16 miles View
A956 Charlestown Bridge of Don 7.2 miles View
A96 Inverness Aberdeen 101.5 miles View
A97 Dinnet Banff 56.1 miles View
A973 Crathie Potarch 25.0 miles View
A974 Westhill Ordie 27.8 miles View
A975 Newburgh (S) Cruden Bay (N) 15.1 miles View
A978 Old Aberdeen Holburn Junction, Aberdeen 2.8 miles View
A979 Oyne Gartly 13.0 miles View
A98 Fraserburgh Fochabers 51.1 miles View
A980 Banchory Alford 20.6 miles View
A981 New Deer Fraserburgh 15.437 miles View
A982 Invernettie Waterside 3.394 miles View
Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route Charlestown Interchange, Cove Bay Blackdog Junction 22 miles View
B9000 Newburgh Pitmedden 7.6 miles View
B9001 Bogniebrae Inverurie 22.3 miles View
B9002 Mill of Carden Elrick 22.7 miles View
B9002 Inverurie Fraserburgh 34.6 miles View
B9002 Rhynie Elrick 5.9 miles View
B9003 Cotehill crossroads Collieston 1.9 miles View
B9003 Old Meldrum Newburgh 11.8 miles View
B9004 Ellon Pitmedden 5.6 miles View
B9005 Fyvie Ellon 17.6 miles View
B9005 Foveran Cruden Bay 14.5 miles View
B9013 Craigellachie Rhynie(S) 21.5 miles View
B9014 Dufftown Huntly 12.2 miles View
B9022 Huntly Portsoy 16.6 miles View
B9024 Glen Dronach Turriff 8.2 miles View
B9025 Broadley Bridge Turriff 13.5 miles View
B9027 Cuminestown Woods of Byth 4.7 miles View
B9028 New Deer (NE) New Deer (SE) 1.119 miles View
B9029 New Deer Old Deer 5.636 miles View
B9030 Old Deer Auchnagatt 5.406 miles View
B9031 Fraserburgh Macduff(E) 20.4 miles View
B9032 Coburty Rathen (N) 5.286 miles View
B9033 Fraserburgh Lumbs Crossroads 7.464 miles View
B9034 Saltoun Place Dalrymple Street 0.150 miles View
B9038 Corsehill Balmedie 4.8 miles View
B9077 Aberdeen Crathes 13.7 miles View
B9093 New Pitsligo Denhead 7.894 miles View
B9094 Tarland Aboyne 4.696 miles View
B9105 Marnonwells Latch of Cook 5.765 miles View
B9106 Nethermuir (N) Tillypestle 3.807 miles View
B9107 Scabbit Fauld Inverallochy 0.889 miles View
B9108 Stirling Village Boddam 0.899 miles View
B9115 Drummuir Coachford (W) 4.2 miles View
B9119 Aberdeen Cambus o' May 37.3 miles View
B9125 Garlogie The Birks 3.4 miles View
B9126 Lyne of Skene Kirkton of Skene 2.9 miles View
B9158 Dinnet Dinnet Bridge 0.4 miles View
B9170 Darra Inverurie 31.1 miles View
B968 Aboyne Birsemore 0.819 miles View
B969 Balmoral Gairnshiel Bridge 4.8 miles View
B971 Tullich Road South Deeside Road 0.1 miles View
B972 Milton of Tullich Bridge of Gairn 1.8 miles View
B973 Kinellar Roundabout Clinterty Roundabout 1.02 miles View
B973 Corgarff Forbestown 8.1 miles View
B974 Mill of Logie, nr Ordie West Kingsford, nr Westhill 27.6 miles View
B975 Kincardine O'Neil Millbank 10.0 miles View
B976 Strachan Gairnshiel Lodge 35.801 miles View
B976 Banchory Alford 20.6 miles View
B977 Raemoir House Balmedie 27.7 miles View
B979 Stonehaven Belscamphie 34.0 miles View
B980 Peterculter Blackburn 9.1 miles View
B981 Maryculter Bridge Milltimber 0.8 miles View
B982 Marywell Aberdeen 4.3 miles View
B983 Wapping Street North Anderson Drive 2.0 miles View
B984 Mastrick Bucksburn 2.2 miles View
B985 Union Street Westburn Road 0.7 miles View
B985 Queen's Road Nicholas Street 1.1 miles View
B986 Wapping Street North Anderson Drive 2.6 miles View
B987 Tavelty junction Broomhill roundabout 1.9 miles View
B987 Holburn Street Market Street 1.0 mile View
B988 Union Street Commerce Street 0.1 miles View
B989 Berryden Road Causewayend 0.4 miles View
B990 West North Street, Aberdeen King Street, Aberdeen 0.2 miles View
B991 Powis Terrace St Machar Drive 0.6 miles View
B992 Whitehouse Mains of Towie 24.4 miles View
B993 Allancreich Whiterashes 32.5 miles View
B994 Kintore Kemnay 3.5 miles View
B995 Kintore Hatton of Fintray 3.4 miles View
B996 Blackburn Elrick 6.9 miles View
B997 Bridge of Don Corsehill 4.4 miles View
B998 Newmachar Whitecairns 2.4 miles View
B999 Mundurno Wedderlairs 15.8 miles View
C100B Crichie Kinaddie 1 mile View
C100S Costlyburn Garronhaugh 6.6 miles View
C101B Ardallie Kinaddie View
C103B Maud Clochcan 2.8 miles View
C104B Maud Shevado 1.7 miles View
C106S Cairnie Bridge of Isla 3.7 miles View
C107B Station Road Golf Road 0.6 miles View
C107C Dunecht Castle Fraser 3.4 miles View
C108C Linton Monymusk 3.8 miles View
C109B Bridgefoot Drumwhindle 2.5 miles View
C109C Ordhead Kemnay 4.5 miles View
C10B New Leeds Banks of Strichen 2.1 miles View
C110B Arnage New Deer 7.7 miles View
C110S Inschstammack Cairnborrow 1.7 miles View
C111S Botary Davidston 3.9 miles View
C112B Auchnagatt Tillyfar 5.5 miles View
C113C Kintore Ratch Hill 1.2 miles View
C113S Nether Hilton Council Boundary 2.3 miles View
C115C Kemnay Pictillum 1.4 miles View
C115S Cairnford Bridge Edinglassie 4.5 miles View
C116C Inverurie Dalbraidie 8.5 miles View
C116S Nether Hilton Council Boundary View
C117C Pitcaple Kemnay 9.6 miles View
C118B Flinthills Blackstocks 1.9 miles View
C118S Fyvie Blackstocks 3.7 miles View
C11B Rathen Mains of Hatton 3.4 miles View
C11C Foveran Linehead 0.9 miles View
C120B Myre of Bedlam Cairnbanno 2.4 miles View
C120C Mill of Carden Inverurie 4.8 miles View
C120S Upper Asleid Cairnbanno 0.5 miles View
C121B Hillhead of Auchreddie Keithen 4.8 miles View
C121C Monymusk Blairdaff 2.3 miles View
C122B Wellhowe Fedderate 1.8 miles View
C123B New Deer Ardieknows 2 miles View
C123C Rothens Glenton 2.9 miles View
C123M Bridge of Alford Glenton 6.5 miles View
C124C Cults Craiginch 2.9 miles View
C125B New Blyth Auchreddie 5 miles View
C126B North Commonty New Deer 1.2 miles View
C127B Shevado Cuminestown 5.2 miles View
C127C Aberdeen Easter Ord 6.3 miles View
C127C Wester Ord Easter Ord 0.9 miles View
C128C Kingswells Bieldside 1.9 miles View
C128S Bogie Street Deveron Road 1 mile View
C129C Bieldside Countesswells 1.3 miles View
C129S Deveron Road Meadow Bridge 0.3 miles View
C12M Ballater Road Charlestown Road 1.2 miles View
C132C Milltimber Malcolm Road, Peterculter 2.3 miles View
C136B Strichen New Aberdour 6.3 miles View
C136C Gairloch Garlogie 1.3 miles View
C137B Langleys New Aberdour 4.1 miles View
C138B Pennan School Pennan Harbour 0.2 miles View
C139B Tyrie Mains Bogensourie 3.9 miles View
C141B Fraserburgh South Whitewell 5 miles View
C141C Linton Mill of Hole 2.8 miles View
C142C Kinnernie Tillybirloch 3.4 miles View
C143B Ladysford Mill of Auchlin 2.7 miles View
C143C Upper Sauchen Tillybirloch 3.8 miles View
C144B New Aberdour Mill Farm 0.5 miles View
C146B Mid Ardlaw Rosehearty 2.7 miles View
C148B The Square North Street 0.3 miles View
C149B Strichen Road Commerce Street View
C150C Begsburn Milton of Drum 1 mile View
C150C Landberry Milton of Drum 3 miles View
C151C Wardmill Broomfield 2.9 miles View
C152C Park Cullerlie 3.4 miles View
C153C Drumoak Park Bridge 0.4 miles View
C154C Aberdeen Cove Bay 4.1 miles View
C155C Union Street Great Western Road 0.8 miles View
C156C Gallowgate Haudagain 2.2 miles View
C157C Union Street Great Northern Road 2.5 miles View
C158C Old Aberdeen Footdee 2.3 miles View
C159C Mid Stocket Place Queens Road 1.7 miles View
C15M Finzean Village Ballochan 6.6 miles View
C15S Cuminestown Dubford 8.3 miles View
C16S Fishriegreen Clayfarbie 0.3 miles View
C17B Rathen Gowanfold 3.6 miles View
C17M Potarch Bridge Cutties Wood 6.2 miles View
C18S Turriff Cuminestown 2.8 miles View
C19C Dubford Perwinnes 1 mile View
C19S Hill of Cook Cuminestown 3.6 miles View
C1B Wateridgemuir Ardlethen 3.4 miles View
C1C Blackdog Interchange Wateridgemuir 7.5 miles View
C1M Braemar Linn of Quoich 9.8 miles View
C20C Bridge of Don Council Boundary 4.3 miles View
C20C Locheye Council Boundary 0.3 miles View
C20M Bridge of Canny Gateside 3.3 miles View
C21B Cairnglass St Combs 0.6 miles View
C21C The Parkway Whitestripes Road 1.9 miles View
C21M Milltown of Campfield Bridge of Canny View
C21S Turriff Idoch View
C22C Kinmundy Newpark 2.2 miles View
C22S Turriff Lenshie 6.2 miles View
C23B Ban-Car Hotel Nether Cortes 0.9 miles View
C24M Craigour Mid Beltie 0.9 miles View
C25C Newmachar Kinmundy 1.3 miles View
C25S Dykeside Southend 3.3 miles View
C26B Lumbs Upper Ridinghill 2 miles View
C26S Cuminestown Fyvie 8.6 miles View
C27B Netherton Denhead 4.2 miles View
C28B Leys Artlaw 5.3 miles View
C28M Balnacraig Tornaveen 2.6 miles View
C28S Birkenhills - Redbriggs 2.7 miles View
C29B Upper Ridinghill Dumpstown 3.2 miles View
C29C Pettymuck Blackness 2.4 miles View
C29M Kincardine O'Neil Colliestown 3 miles View
C29S Allathan Gight 5.4 miles View
C2B Strichen Mill of Bruxie 3.7 miles View
C2C Foveran Udny Station 4.4 miles View
C2S Turriff Keilhill View
C30M Dess Altdargue 5.3 miles View
C30S Cottown Myre of Bedlam View
C31C Auchinhuive Tarves 4.2 miles View
C31M Lumphanan Bogloch 1 mile View
C32B St Fergus Rora 3 miles View
C33C Whiterashes Denend 2.9 miles View
C33M Coull Slack 2.4 miles View
C34C Cairdseat Bridgend 1.1 miles View
C34M Tarland Coull 2.1 miles View
C34S New Mill Thorneybank 1.6 miles View
C35C Oldmeldrum Tarves 5 miles View
C35M Coldstone Tarland 2.8 miles View
C36M Bridge Street Burnside Road 0.2 miles View
C37C Couchercairn Tarves 4.8 miles View
C37M Migvie Corrachree 3.4 miles View
C38B Kinknockie Peterhead View
C38C Courtstone Flobbets 3.6 miles View
C39B Woodside Kinmundy 3.9 miles View
C39M Blelack Loch Davan 1.7 miles View
C41C Tarves Raxton 0.8 miles View
C41S Lenshie Fisherford 3.4 miles View
C42B Kinnarachie Douglashead 2 miles View
C42C Wedderlairs Douglashead 2.6 miles View
C43B Flusing Inverugie 3.9 miles View
C43C Tarves Douglashead 1.4 miles View
C43M Rippachie Kirkton of Tough 14.9 miles View
C43S Logie Newton Heathfield 2.7 miles View
C44M Knockandoch Kirkton of Tough 3.3 miles View
C45M Bridge of Alford Lynturk 2.8 miles View
C45S Fyvie Newbigging 3.8 miles View
C46M Alford Kingsford View
C46S Rothienorman East Saucheloan 2.4 miles View
C47M Alford Greystone 0.8 miles View
C47S Little Folla Tocher 1.5 miles View
C48B Buchanhaven Burnhaven 3.1 miles View
C48C Bridge of Don Old Meldrum Road 0.8 miles View
C48S Rothienorman Blackbog 1.9 miles View
C49S Meikle Folla Bilbo 4.4 miles View
C4B Denhead Dunshillock 2.6 miles View
C4K Banchory Milltown of Campfield 3.2 miles View
C50S Fyvie Cross of Jackston 3.2 miles View
C51B Longside Stuartfield View
C51S Fyvie Church Bridgend 0.1 miles View
C52M Alford Keig 5.7 miles View
C55C Dyce Kinaldie 4.7 miles View
C55C Kinaldie Council Boundary 0.1 miles View
C56B Auchiries Faichfield 5.2 miles View
C56M Bridge of Alford Suie Hill 4.1 miles View
C56S Kennethmont Suie Hill 4.2 miles View
C58S Newseat Meikle Wartle 2.2 miles View
C59S Old Rayne Rayne School 3.3 miles View
C5B Old Deer Inverugie 7.7 miles View
C5K Council Boundary Council Boundary 0.7 miles View
C5S King Edward Castle Turriff 3.8 miles View
C60B Peterhead Meikle Dens 3.6 miles View
C60M Tillylodge Ley 4.5 miles View
C60S Old Rayne Auchentarph 2 miles View
C61M Kintocher Greystones 3.1 miles View
C62C Redburn Fawells 4.3 miles View
C62M Muir of Fowlis Cushnie 2.8 miles View
C62S Daies Clatt 7.1 miles View
C63M Altdargue Craigmill 3 miles View
C64B Peterhead Gask 3.7 miles View
C64C Newmachar Middleton 2.5 miles View
C64S Fisherford Brankanentum 3.4 miles View
C65M Kildrummy Woodside 4.8 miles View
C65S Kennethmont Leslie 4.1 miles View
C66S Newtongarry Insch 6.8 miles View
C67C Cothill Keithhall 3.5 miles View
C67M Towie Milltown of Towie 1.8 miles View
C68C Milton of Fintray Inverurie 3.3 miles View
C68S Colpy Insch 4.6 miles View
C69C Kingoodie Inverurie 3.9 miles View
C6S Keilhill Scatterty 2.6 miles View
C70B Hatton Newton 4.3 miles View
C71S Hill of Noth Kennethmont 1.6 miles View
C72B Hawkhillock Hatton 2.5 miles View
C75S Rhynie Crossroads Clatt 3.4 miles View
C76C Oldmeldrum Whiteford 4.5 miles View
C77B Midmill Cruden Bay 1..8 miles View
C77C Pittinnan Skellarts 1.6 miles View
C78B Cruden Bay Port Erroll 0.5 miles View
C79B Auchiries Nethermill 0.7 miles View
C79S Ley of Dummuies Gartly 3.9 miles View
C7C Tillery Tillyfar 2.7 miles View
C7S Balchers Fishrie 2.7 miles View
C80B Ashallow Nethermill 0.8 miles View
C81M Lumsden Kildrummy 2.7 miles View
C81S Ley of Drummuies Cruchie 4.1 miles View
C82B Ellon Cotehill 3.1 miles View
C82S Newtongarry Brideswell 2.1 miles View
C83C Pitcaple Durno 1.7 miles View
C83S Tocher Durno 3.3 miles View
C84B Tipperty Ellon 4 miles View
C85C Durno Meikle Wartle 1.4 miles View
C85S Drumblade Corse 1.4 miles View
C86M Bridge of Buchat Strathdon 9.7 miles View
C87S Fordmouth Placemill 6.3 miles View
C88B Auchmade Slains School 3.1 miles View
C88C Bucksburn Holmhead 1.3 miles View
C88S Westertown Backhills 4.1 miles View
C89C Kingswells Dyce 5.2 miles View
C89S Forgue Conlandmill 1.5 miles View
C8K Altens Council Boundary 1.8 miles View
C8M Ballater Linn of Muick 3.7 miles View
C90B Hawkhillock Ellon 7.1 miles View
C92C Blackburn Clinterty 1.3 miles View
C93C Kingsford Clinterty 2.7 miles View
C97B Toddlehills Stuartfield 5.3 miles View
C97S Yonder Bognie Forgue 0.7 miles View
C99C Kinellar Easter Skene 4 miles View
C9S Keilhill Fishriegreen 4.9 miles View
Deeside Tourist Route Perth Aberdeen 107 miles View
E120 Perth Perth 303 miles View
Glen Feshie Road Feshie Bridge Braemar 30 miles View
Highland Tourist Route Aberdeen Inverness 118 miles View
1 Dover Norwick View
195 Aberdeen Ballater View
NE250 The Devils Elbow Crathie 229 miles View
Coastal Trail St Cyrus Forres 166 miles View
Snow Roads Scenic Route Blairgowrie Grantown on Spey View
T100 Aberdeen Fochabers 55.3 miles View
T30 Perth Inverness View 


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(Aberdeenshire) • C124C (Aberdeen) • C125B (Aberdeenshire) • C126B (Aberdeenshire) • C127B (Aberdeenshire) • C127C (Aberdeen) • C127C (Aberdeenshire) • C128C (Aberdeen) • C128S (Aberdeenshire) • C129C (Aberdeen) • C129S (Aberdeenshire) • C12M (Aberdeenshire) • C132C (Aberdeen) • C136B (Aberdeenshire) • C136C (Aberdeenshire) • C137B (Aberdeenshire) • C138B (Aberdeenshire) • C139B (Aberdeenshire) • C141B (Aberdeenshire) • C141C (Aberdeenshire) • C142C (Aberdeenshire) • C143B (Aberdeenshire) • C143C (Aberdeenshire) • C144B (Aberdeenshire) • C146B (Aberdeenshire) • C148B (Aberdeenshire) • C149B (Aberdeenshire) • C150C (Aberdeen) • C150C (Aberdeenshire) • C151C (Aberdeenshire) • C152C (Aberdeenshire) • C153C (Aberdeenshire) • C154C (Aberdeen) • C155C (Aberdeen) • C156C (Aberdeen) • C157C (Aberdeen) • C158C (Aberdeen) • C159C (Aberdeen) • C15M (Aberdeenshire) • C15S (Aberdeenshire) • C16S (Aberdeenshire) • C17B (Aberdeenshire) • C17M (Aberdeenshire) • C18S (Aberdeenshire) • C19C (Aberdeen) • C19S (Aberdeenshire) • C1B (Aberdeenshire) • C1C (Aberdeenshire) • C1M (Aberdeenshire) • C20C (Aberdeen) • C20C (Aberdeenshire) • C20M (Aberdeenshire) • C21B (Aberdeenshire) • C21C (Aberdeen) • C21M (Aberdeenshire) • C21S (Aberdeenshire) • C22C (Aberdeenshire) • C22S (Aberdeenshire) • C23B (Aberdeenshire) • C24M (Aberdeenshire) • C25C (Aberdeenshire) • C25S (Aberdeenshire) • C26B (Aberdeenshire) • C26S (Aberdeenshire) • C27B (Aberdeenshire) • C28B (Aberdeenshire) • C28M (Aberdeenshire) • C28S (Aberdeenshire) • C29B (Aberdeenshire) • C29C (Aberdeenshire) • C29M (Aberdeenshire) • C29S (Aberdeenshire) • C2B (Aberdeenshire) • C2C (Aberdeenshire) • C2S (Aberdeenshire) • C30M (Aberdeenshire) • C30S (Aberdeenshire) • C31C (Aberdeenshire) • C31M (Aberdeenshire) • C32B (Aberdeenshire) • C33C (Aberdeenshire) • C33M (Aberdeenshire) • C34C (Aberdeenshire) • C34M (Aberdeenshire) • C34S (Aberdeenshire) • C35C (Aberdeenshire) • C35M (Aberdeenshire) • C36M (Aberdeenshire) • C37C (Aberdeenshire) • C37M (Aberdeenshire) • C38B (Aberdeenshire) • C38C (Aberdeenshire) • C39B (Aberdeenshire) • C39M (Aberdeenshire) • C41C (Aberdeenshire) • C41S (Aberdeenshire) • C42B (Aberdeenshire) • C42C (Aberdeenshire) • C43B (Aberdeenshire) • C43C (Aberdeenshire) • C43M (Aberdeenshire) • C43S (Aberdeenshire) • C44M (Aberdeenshire) • C45M (Aberdeenshire) • C45S (Aberdeenshire) • C46M (Aberdeenshire) • C46S (Aberdeenshire) • C47M (Aberdeenshire) • C47S (Aberdeenshire) • C48B (Aberdeenshire) • C48C (Aberdeen) • C48S (Aberdeenshire) • C49S (Aberdeenshire) • C4B (Aberdeenshire) • C4K (Aberdeenshire) • C50S (Aberdeenshire) • C51B (Aberdeenshire) • C51S (Aberdeenshire) • C52M (Aberdeenshire) • C55C (Aberdeen) • C55C (Aberdeenshire) • C56B (Aberdeenshire) • C56M (Aberdeenshire) • C56S (Aberdeenshire) • C58S (Aberdeenshire) • C59S (Aberdeenshire) • C5B (Aberdeenshire) • C5K (Aberdeen) • C5S (Aberdeenshire) • C60B (Aberdeenshire) • C60M (Aberdeenshire) • C60S (Aberdeenshire) • C61M (Aberdeenshire) • C62C (Aberdeenshire) • C62M (Aberdeenshire) • C62S (Aberdeenshire) • C63M (Aberdeenshire) • C64B (Aberdeenshire) • C64C (Aberdeenshire) • C64S (Aberdeenshire) • C65M (Aberdeenshire) • C65S (Aberdeenshire) • C66S (Aberdeenshire) • C67C (Aberdeenshire) • C67M (Aberdeenshire) • C68C (Aberdeenshire) • C68S (Aberdeenshire) • C69C (Aberdeenshire) • C6S (Aberdeenshire) • C70B (Aberdeenshire) • C71S (Aberdeenshire) • C72B (Aberdeenshire) • C75S (Aberdeenshire) • C76C (Aberdeenshire) • C77B (Aberdeenshire) • C77C (Aberdeenshire) • C78B (Aberdeenshire) • C79B (Aberdeenshire) • C79S (Aberdeenshire) • C7C (Aberdeenshire) • C7S (Aberdeenshire) • C80B (Aberdeenshire) • C81M (Aberdeenshire) • C81S (Aberdeenshire) • C82B (Aberdeenshire) • C82S (Aberdeenshire) • C83C (Aberdeenshire) • C83S (Aberdeenshire) • C84B (Aberdeenshire) • C85C (Aberdeenshire) • C85S (Aberdeenshire) • C86M (Aberdeenshire) • C87S (Aberdeenshire) • C88B (Aberdeenshire) • C88C (Aberdeen) • C88S (Aberdeenshire) • C89C (Aberdeen) • C89S (Aberdeenshire) • C8K (Aberdeen) • C8M (Aberdeenshire) • C90B (Aberdeenshire) • C92C (Aberdeen) • C93C (Aberdeen) • C97B (Aberdeenshire) • C97S (Aberdeenshire) • C99C (Aberdeenshire) • C9S (Aberdeenshire) • Deeside Tourist Route • E120 (Old System) • Glen Feshie Road • Highland Tourist Route • NCN1 • NCN195 • North East 250 • North East Coastal Trail • Snow Roads Scenic Route • T100 (Britain) • T30 (Britain)
PlacesAboyne • Alford • Ballater • Huntly • Inverurie
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