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Maryville Interchange

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Maryville Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
Maryville Interchange - M73, M74 - Geograph - 106423.jpg
Maryville Interchange viewing towards Glasgow
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Directional-T with other slips
Roads Joined
M73, M74, A74, A721
Junctions related to the A721
This article is about the current junction 4 of the M74.
For the original junction 4, see Hamilton Interchange

Maryville Interchange is where the M74 (junction 4, originally junction 6) meets the M73 (junction 1) and is the south end of the latter. It includes a double bridge where one slip road passes over another and both pass over the M74.

In addition to this strategic function it provides further slip roads to connect both motorways to the A74/A721. Some of this latter function is shared with the adjacent Daldowie Interchange with which it is intimately related.

Some details of the two interchanges and the relationship between them will be changed as a result of the proposed M8/M73/M74 Network Improvements.


The junction location in 1965
The junction shown under construction in 1968
And open in 1974 in its original form

The M74 through the site of the interchange opened in August 1968, terminating at a temporary tie-in with the A74 immediately adjacent to the Glasgow end of the interchange. This tie-in included a temporary loop of at least 270 degrees in the Glasgow-bound carriageway of the A74 and a temporary bridge carrying it over the M74. These features survived until 1993 or 4.

The major structures of the interchange were completed in 1968 but not opened until May 1971 when the first section of the M73 opened, between here and the M8/A8 at Baillieston.

The interchange was modified, the temporary features removed, and Daldowie Interchange created, as part of the works to extend the M74 from here to Fullarton Road Interchange, completed in January 1995.

Maryville was junction 6 on the M74 in the original junction numbering which lasted until 1986 (see M74 and A74(M) History). Since then it has been junction 4. When the extension from Fullarton Road to Kingston was opened in 2011, some junctions were renumbered, but a second renumbering of this junction and those to the south were avoided.


Route To Notes


Stirling, Kincardine Bridge (A80), Edinburgh, Glasgow (M8)


Glasgow (South East)


The SOUTH, Carlisle


Glasgow (M74) access via M74 J3a


access via M74 J3a


Motorway 74

Construction of the M74 in Bothwell and Uddingston (1964-6)

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Maryville Interchange
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