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From:  Ely (TL538804)
To:  Gold Hill(S) (TL525915)
Via:  Pymoor
Distance:  9.7 miles (15.6 km)
Meets:  B1382, A10, A1101
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Route outline (key)
B1411 Ely - Gold Hill
Approaching Ely

The B1411 is a medium-length B-road in the Isle of Ely. The road was originally unclassified but gained its number around 1930.

The road starts at traffic lights on the original line of the A10 north of Ely city centre. The A-road has now been moved onto the bypass but the B1411 has not been moved with it, so the road rather strangely starts end-on on the B1382.

The road heads west along the narrow Egremont Street to reach a T-junction on Downham Road, where it TOTSOs right. After passing Ely College we reach open country immediately before crossing a roundabout on the A10 bypass. The road then continues north across the flat fields through Little Street before bearing left into Little Downham. It follows Main Street through the village before bending sharply right and descending into the Fens.

We follow a straight road, with the occasional bend and shortly reach Pymoor, where we bear right onto the Straight Furlong. This road is parallel to the New Bedford River, which is invisible to the left. However, before reaching the end of the furlong we bear sharply left to run up to the bank, on the other side of which is the River. We then follow this under the Peterborough to Ely railway line and then continue on alongside the bank (the water level is higher than road level) to end at a T-junction on the A1101; that road is the signposted route from here to Ely.

Previous start point

The road did not form part of the original 1923 classifications. Its first appearance is on the 1932 ten mile map (it does not appear on the 1930 quarter inch map). Its original start point was on the A10 where Downham Road meets St Mary's Street in the centre of Ely. Egremont street was classified as C136 (although it is unknown when this classification came into being). At some point (after 1956, exact date unknown) the B1411 was routed along Egremont Street. However, Downham Road (to St Mary's Street) does not appear to have lost official B classification, even though it is unsigned and unmapped, as according to the road list1 this stretch is still the B1411. The road list also implies that the B1382 was extended to meet Downham Road following the opening of the Ely and Littleport bypass (and the re-routing of the A10 away from the city centre.

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  1. Freedom of Information request to Cambridgeshire County Council

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