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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Tyninghame (NT610791)
To:  East Linton (NT586769)
Distance:  2.2 miles (3.5 km)
Meets:  A198, B1377, A199
Former Number(s):  A1
Highway Authorities

East Lothian

Traditional Counties

East Lothian

Route outline (key)
B1407 Tyninghame - East Linton
(B1377) East Linton
B1407 East Linton - Bypass

The B1407 is a short B-road serving East Linton in East Lothian.


The route starts at a T junction on the A198 in the hamlet of Tyninghame, with the grounds of Tyninghame House lying opposite. From here it heads southwest along a dead-straight road through the village, which largely consists of old stone houses and cottages. The straight continues across fields, climbing slightly to crest the brow of a hill and then zigzags past Preston Mains.The road now has a few bends as it enters East Linton and at one place it only just squeezes through the gap between the River Tyne and the churchyard. Larger houses sit up the bank above the road, with the tree lined river eventually meandering away as Preston merges into East Linton. Preston Road then leads up to a T-junction where it meets the B1377. There's then a multiplex left along High Street through the village centre to another T-junction, on the original route of the A1. Now, however, that route runs along its second bypass and so the B1407 regains its number by turning right. It immediately goes under the East Coast Main Line before running through the suburbs into open country, where the B1407 ends at a T-junction on the first A1 bypass, now numbered A199.


The route was originally unclassified, except for the western end which was part of the A1. It is not shown on the 1927 revision of the MOT map, but was created by 1932 when it is shown on the OS Ten Mile Map. It seems quite plausible, therefore, that it is contemporary with the opening of the original East Linton bypass.

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Two old alignments of old A1, East Linton - Coppermine - 16871.JPGThe B1407 running through Tyninghame to East Linton - Geograph - 998339.jpg
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