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North Yorkshire Council

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North Yorkshire Council
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Primary Destinations
Harrogate • Ripon • Scarborough • Scotch Corner • Selby • Skipton • Whitby
Other Important Destinations
Boroughbridge • Northallerton • Malton • Settle
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National Highways Roads
M62 • A1(M) • A1 • A19 • A64 • A168

North Yorkshire Council is the Highway Authority for all roads in the Administrative County of North Yorkshire, with the exception of Trunk roads managed by National Highways.

It lies within the historic county of Yorkshire, across parts of all three Ridings.

It is a single-tier authority (at the district level), and in April 2023 replaced the abolished North Yorkshire County Council with the same boundaries.

Highway Maintenance

The Council, as Highway Authority, is responsible for some 9,000 kilometres of roads and their associated footways. Their highway network also includes some 2000 bridges and 45,000 streetlights.

Primary Destinations

The following Primary Destinations are located within the council area:

Trunk Roads

The following roads that run through the council area are at least partially Trunk Roads, and therefore managed by National Highways:

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by the council:

Route From To Length


A19 Doncaster Seaton Burn 124 miles View
A56 Chester Broughton 80.1 miles View
A59 Liverpool York 106 miles View
A61 Derby Thirsk 107 miles View
A63 Leeds Kingston-upon-Hull 60.7 miles View
A64 Leeds Scarborough 66.6 miles View
A65 Leeds Kendal 69 miles View
A162 Darrington Tadcaster 15.2 miles View
A163 Barlby Holme-on-Spalding-Moor 11.7 miles View
A165 Hull Burniston 49.6 miles View
A166 Dunnington Great Driffield 24.7 miles View
A167 Topcliffe Kenton Bar 65.6 miles View
A168 Boston Spa Northallerton 35.0 miles View
A169 Old Malton Newholm, Whitby 23.6 miles View
A170 Thirsk Scarborough 43.7 miles View
A171 Scarborough Teesport 48.1 miles View
A172 Ingleby Arncliffe Middlesbrough 16.7 miles View
A173 Stokesley Skelton 11.7 miles View
A174 Thornaby on Tees Whitby 34.4 miles View
A629 Rotherham Skipton 56.4 miles View
A645 Crofton Airmyn Grange 25.2 miles View
A658 Bradford Knaresborough 21.8 miles View
A659 Tadcaster Otley 22.1 miles View
A661 Harrogate Wetherby 8.4 miles View
A682 Rawtenstall Long Preston 27.7 miles View
A684 Kendal Osmotherley 67.1 miles View
A687 Cantsfield Ingleton 4.8 miles View
A1039 Staxton Filey By Pass (N) 7.8 miles View
A1041 Selby East Cowick 9.1 miles View
A1238 Thorpe Willoughby Selby 3.0 miles View
A1246 Brotherton Selby Fork 3.2 miles View
A6040 Station Parade (S), Harrogate Wetherby Road, Harrogate 0.68 miles View
A6055 Knaresborough Barton 34.8 miles View
A6068 Kildwick Shuttleworth Hall 19.2 miles View
A6069 Inghey Bridge Skibeden 3.7 miles View
A6108 Scotch Corner Ripon 35.8 miles View
A6131 Low Snaygill Low Skibeden 2.8 miles View
A6136 Richmond Catterick 9.3 miles View   
B1217 Towton East Garforth(N) 5.2 miles View
B1222 Fulford Boot and Shoe 16.3 miles View
B1223 Towton Selby 10.9 miles View
B1224 Kirk Deighton York 12.7 miles View
B1229 Flamborough Reighton 6.9 miles View
B1248 Cherry Burton Malton 27.3 miles View
B1249 Skipsea Staxton 24.9 miles View
B1253 North Grimston Bridlington 21.7 miles View
B1257 Old Malton Stokesley 35.0 miles View
B1258 West Knapton Snainton 6.0 miles View
B1261 Lebberston East Ayton 7.7 miles View
B1263 Scorton Low Entercommon 6.7 miles View
B1264 High Entercommon Yarm 7.1 miles View
B1266 Newton Mulgrave Moor Mickleby 2.6 miles View
B1292 Great Ayton(W) Great Ayton 1.2 miles View
B1333 Romanby Northallerton 1.6 miles View
B1363 York Oswaldkirk 19.6 miles View
B1364 Falsgrave Road Peasholm Park 1.1 miles View
B1365 Hemlington Stokesley bypass 6.4 miles View
B1410 Briggswath Ruswarp 1.6 miles View
B1415 Allerston Ebberston 1.9 miles View
B1416 Whitby Low Moor 6.3 miles View
B1427 Seamer Road Filey Road 0.9 miles View
B1447 High Hawkser Robin Hood's Bay 2.5 miles View
B1448 Gristhwaite South Kilvington 3.9 miles View
B1460 Newholm (SE) Whitby 1.4 miles View
B6160 Addingham Aysgarth 33.0 miles View
B6161 Pool-in-Wharfedale Killinghall 9.8 miles View
B6162 Beckwithshaw Harrogate 2.3 miles View
B6163 Knaresborough Thistle Hill 1.4 miles View
B6164 Knaresborough Wetherby 6.8 miles View
B6165 Knaresborough Glasshouses 13.8 miles View
B6172 Glusburn Kildwick 0.38 miles View
B6252 Barnoldswick Thornton in Craven 2.2 miles View
B6253 Hellifield Ling Hill 0.5 miles View
B6255 Ingleton Hawes 16.2 miles View
B6259 Sandford Moorcock Inn, Garsdale 17.2 miles View
B6265 Skipton Green Hammerton 46.7 miles View
B6265 Cottingley Cross Hills 9.9 miles View
B6267 Skipton on Swale Low Burton 9.0 miles View
B6268 Low Burton (E) Bedale 4.8 miles View
B6270 Downholme Nateby 26.6 miles View
B6271 Richmond Northallerton 14.7 miles View
B6272 Brompton-on-Swale Catterick Bridge 0.5 miles View
B6274 Staindrop Richmond 14.4 miles View
B6275 Barton Interchange Royal Oak 10.3 miles View
B6285 Burneston Bedale 4.5 miles View
B6451 Otley Summerbridge 12.9 miles View
B6478 Clitheroe Long Preston 17.9 miles View
B6479 Settle Ribblehead 11.3 miles View
B6480 Hornby(S) Settle Bypass(S) 21.3 miles View     

Classified Unnumbered (Class III) Roads

Main Article: North Yorkshire Council (Class III roads)

For its Class III road network, the predecessor authority, North Yorkshire County Council used "C" prefixes that it shared with York Council. It is assumed that the new North Yorkshire Council will continue with the same numbering scheme.


Main Article: North Yorkshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: North Yorkshire Council (Crossings)


North Yorkshire Council

North Yorkshire Council
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Boroughbridge • Harrogate • Malton • Northallerton • Ripon • Scarborough • Selby • Settle • Skipton • Thirsk • Whitby
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