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From: Knaresborough (SE346574)
To: Scotch Corner (SE238973)
Via: Boroughbridge
Length: 34.8 miles (56 km)
Meets:  A59, A1(M), A168, A61, A684, A1(M), A6136, A6108, A66
Former Number(s): B6166, A1
Primary Destinations
Scotch Corner
Highway Authorities

North Yorkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A6055 Knaresborough - Boroughbridge
(A1(M)) Boroughbridge - Baldersby
A6055 Baldersby - Scotch Corner
This article is about the current A6055 in Yorkshire.
For the original A6055 in Bolton, see A6055 (Bolton)


The A6055 is a road of two halves in northern Yorkshire.

Knaresborough - Boroughbridge

A6055 near Ferrensby

The road starts at Bond End, which is the junction at the bottom of Knaresborough High Street with the A59. The northeastward line of the A59 actually continues from Harrogate onto the A6055. Emerging from Knaresborough, a sharp right-hand bend about a half-mile after the built up area takes the route slightly east before climbing northward up a steep hill, alongside Knaresborough Golf Club. The road then passes through Ferrensby, takes a few twists and turns and continues towards Minskip. This part of the route was famously surveyed by Blind Jack of Knaresborough - one of the great roadbuilders of the time (despite being blind, hence his name).

From a roundabout the road's original route joined the A1 to the south of Boroughbridge town centre and this was later shortened when the A1 bypass was built; however, following the construction of the A1(M) alongside the original A1 bypass the A6055 was rerouted to join it about a half-mile south at J48, where it also meets the A168.

It's worth mentioning that the original number for the above stretch was the B6166.

Boroughbridge - Leeming

The A6055 ended at Boroughbridge for a number of years. However, after the A1(M) was extended north in the 2010s the A6055 was extended with it as the local access road. However, the road multiplexes with the motorway for two junctions as there is no local access road between J49, where the A168 bears off to Teesside, and J50, where the A6055 reappears at the junction with the A61.

Near Londonderry

From here the A6055 heads north alongside the motorway, which is immediately to the east; presumably we're running along the old northbound carriageway of the A1. The motorway and local access road occasionally diverge, usually to serve side roads, for example a roundabout with the B6267. At Londonderry the road leaves the original line of the A1 to run along the Leeming Bar bypass. At a roundabout we meet the A684 at a simple GSJ which has been formed out of the remains of the old northbound sliproads. After crossing the Wensleydale Railway we reach the next junction on the A1(M), J51, which marks the end of the motorway. As the road to the north remains the all-purpose A1 there is no need for the A6055 to continue.

Leeming - Barton

Overbridge carrying the A6055 over the A1 (Leeming-Barton) under construction

The upgrade of the A1 to motorway from Leeming to Barton has currently finished. The A6055 has been extended as part of this project to provide a local access road with property accesses and provision for non motorised users.

JunctionsAldborough Gate Interchange • Baldersby Interchange • Barton Interchange • Bond End • Catterick Central Interchange • Catterick North Interchange • Leeming Interchange • Scotch Corner
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