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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Old Malton (SE800732)
To:  Stokesley (NZ527086)
Via:  Malton, Helmsley
Distance:  35 miles (56.3 km)
Meets:  A169, A64, B1248, B1363, A170, A172, A173, B1365
Former Number(s):  A169, A173
Highway Authorities

North Yorkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1257 Old Malton – Sproxton
(A170) Sproxton – Helmsley
B1257 Helmsley – Stokesley
Newgate Bank

The B1257 is a long B-road across the North York Moors.

Originally the B1257 started on the A64 (now B1248) in Malton. However, that road now bypasses the town and so it has taken over a short section of pre-bypass A169 to start on the A64 bypass at Old Malton.

Leaving Malton behind, the B1257 crosses the A64 without a junction and heads west along the extreme edge of a river valley (the River Rye is a couple of miles further north). Several miles – and several villages – later, the B1257 reaches Hovingham where it zigzags north (to cross the Holbeck) then west again to climb up out of the valley. After Oswaldkirk the road forms the boundary of the North York Moors National Park. It meets the A170 in Sproxton shortly afterwards.

In 1922 the B1257 ended here, on the then-B1256. However, it was extended in the 1920s. The road multiplexes north along what is now the A170 into Helmsley, crossing the River Rye en route. It regains its number on the left bank of the river at a badly signposted junction before passing the church and climbing out of town.

The B1257 goes northwest, almost to Rievaulx Abbey, before passing the Newgate Bank car park then descending Newgate Bank into Bilsdale after which it follows the valley upstream. It passes the old Spout House (a former inn) before passing Fangdale Beck and Chop Gate and climbing to a summit at the northern edge of the moor.

After crossing the Cleveland Way footpath, the B1257 descends Clay Bank through woodland, leaving the national park when it leaves the wood. The road levels out and goes through Great Broughton before reaching a roundabout on the Stokesley bypass where it meets the A172 and A173. It ended here between the 1920s and 1960s but now continues into the village along the pre-bypass A173. It crosses the River Leven and reaches a roundabout on the B1365 (pre-bypass A172) where it now ends.

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