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From:  Sandhurst (SU846614)
To:  Hawthorn Hill (SU875741)
Via:  Bracknell
Distance:  10.6 miles (17.1 km)
Meets:  A321, B3348, B3430, A329, A322, B3034, A330
Former Number(s):  A332, B3029
Old route now:  B3348
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Bracknell Forest

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A3095 Sandhurst - Crowthorne
A3095 Finchampstead - Crowthorne
A3095 Sandhurst - Bracknell
(A322) Bracknell
A3095 Bracknell - Hawthorn Hill


The A3095 is a short semi-rural A-road providing a route to Bracknell from certain parts of eastern Berkshire. As may be expected from a road passing through a New Town, its route has changed considerably over the years and it is very difficult to determine its former route.

Sandhurst - Hawthorn Hill

The road now starts at a TOTSO on the A321 on the edge of Sandhurst. This section of the road acts simultaneously as a bypass for parts of Sandhurst and the neighbouring town of Crowthorne. After skirting Broadmoor (psychiatric) Hospital, a roundabout is reached with the B3348 and the A3095 reaches to its original route for the first time.

North of the B3348, the A3095 passes along a short section of dual carriageway (built as part of the works for the Crowthorne bypass) as far as the B3430. On the far side, it enters the suburbs of Bracknell and leaves its old route again. It bypasses Easthampstead (which it previously went through) as a dual carriageway before meeting the A322 and A329 after several roundabouts.

The Council seem to think that A3095 traffic is heading to, rather than through, Bracknell, as the road number disappears completely at this roundabout. In fact, the Easthampstead bypass is completed as the A3095 multiplexes with the single-carriageway A322 to reappear at the next roundabout to the east.

Now parallel to, if not following, its original route, the dual-carriageway A3095 passes the centre of Bracknell before meeting the A329 again at Met Office Roundabout (which retains its name even after the Met Office's move to Exeter and the subsequent demolition of the old building). Now single carriageway once more and back on its old line, the A3095 leaves Bracknell by the shortest possible route before having to TOTSO left in the village of Newell Green, where it meets the B3034 at a T-junction.

Warfield, Bott Bridge

A few hundred yards further on, the A3095 crosses a stream called The Cut and turns sharply right afterwards. The B3034 leaves to the left at this point. The road now begins to climb. Although the hill is not particularly steep, or high, the views from the top to the west are very pleasant. The top of the hill is marked by the village of Jealott's Hill, which has an agrochemical research station and a pub with an angry tree in its garden.

From Jealott's Hill, the A3095 contours round to Hawthorn Hill. For a few hundred yards, the road marks the border between two Berkshire local authorities. Finally, we reach a T-junction with the A330. Traffic for Maidenhead, which has been our forward destination since Bracknell, turns left here, just inside the borough of Windsor & Maidenhead.


Crowthorne in 1961 showing the original A3095 and the spur

The A3095 came into being in 1935 as the union of three different classified roads. The A332 ran from Sandhurst to Bracknell (although the present A3095 is much changed from that road's route) whilst the B3029 took the road on to Hawthorn Hill. The third road was the A3018, which started in Crowthorne and headed west to the A321 in Finchampstead, giving the road a spur from the outset.

The original line of the A3095 started on the A321 in the centre of Sandhurst, about 3/4 mile west of its current starting point. It headed north along Crowthorne Road into Crowthorne itself, where it ran along the High Street, meeting the spur at the northern end. The road continued on along Bracknell Road to meet the northern end of the Crowthorne bypass.

The route followed in Bracknell is difficult to describe. Happily, a road called Crowthorne Road still exists following a roundabout course through Easthampstead - and this is largely the old A3095; the road followed the current footpath over the present A3095 towards Ringmead rather than following the present Crowthorne Road to reach Wildridings Road. Once across the A322 Downshire Way (built surprisingly early on) the A3095 followed Crowthorne Road North to a short multiplex with the pre-bypass A322 across the railway line. It appears that the original A3095 rejoins its current route on the northern side as it runs along Church Road - presumably the northbound carriageway is original. The old A329 crossroads has been destroyed - but that road's right-of-way goes through the underpass just north of the church. On the far side of the Met Office Roundabout the road is unchanged.

With the growth of the New Town of Bracknell the route did change a couple of times. The first bypass of Easthampstead was to the east, along South Hill Road, before the present western bypass was built (although it took a while then for South Hill Road to be declassified); both these require a multiplex with the A322.

In the Crowthorne area, the spur to Finchampstead became an extension of the B3348 in the 1970s. When the Crowthorne bypass was built less than 20 years later that road was extended along the old A3095 north of town. The now-unclassified Crowthorne High Street, incidentally, has one of the earliest 20 zones in the country.

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