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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Trefnant (SJ051706)
To:  Wrexham (SJ331505)
Via:  Mold
Distance:  26 miles (41.8 km)
Meets:  A525, A543, B5429, B5122, B5121, B5123, B5444, A5119, A494, A549, A5118, A5104, A550, B5102, A483, B5101, A5152
Old route now:  A525, B5444
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Denbighshire  • Flintshire  • Wrexham

Traditional Counties

Denbighshire • Flintshire

Route outline (key)
A541 St Asaph – Trefnant
A541 Trefnant – Wrexham


Two A-roads link St Asaph with Wrexham. The A525 takes the western route via Ruthin and the A541 the slightly shorter eastern route via Mold.

Trefnant – Mold

Between the 1940s and the 1970s the A541 started on the A55 by St Asaph Cathedral and headed south. This stretch of road was originally the A525 and now is again. As such, heading south on that road into Trefnant, you turn left at the crossroads in the middle of the village at the present northern end of the A541. You then take a right to emerge on a very flat straight stretch of road heading south east(ish). Soon after there is a long left hand bend where the A543 terminates on the right hand side of the road.

Near Afonwen

We then cross the River Clwyd, continuing initially across flat land on a good alignment before we enter the valley of the River Wheeler (Afon Chwiler) after passing the village of Bodfari. The hill to the south is Moel-y-Parc and is particularly steep so the road does the sensible thing and runs alongside the river to the north. At the summit of Moel-y-Parc is a prominent television mast. Once past the hill the road is surprisingly straight and the view varied – sometimes farm land and other times woodland.

At Nannerch we begin to head south, still following the river, then we turn east again through Hendre, where the road is particularly wooded. As we continue we pick up the valley of the River Alyn (Afon Alun) and run close to it all the way to Mold, where we run close to the eastern edge of town (the old route is now the B5444), crossing the A5119 as we do so. We then reach the A494 and A549 at a roundabout on the southern bypass.

Mold – Wrexham


We continue south along the valley floor, passing a fork in the road where the A5118 turns left. After rejoining the old route we have a short length of dual carriageway; the two carriageways are some distance apart to begin with as they cross the River Terrig - quite obviously the eastbound carriageway is the original road and the westbound was added later. We resume single carriageway and cross the A5104 at Pontblyddyn. There's more dual carriageway (again the westbound carriageway was added to dual the road) before we reach Caergwrle, where we meet the A550 at another fork.

We then pass under a railway line, then there is more dual carriageway before we cross the A483 at a grade-separated junction on the north west side of Wrexham. The road runs to the ring road, where it terminates.

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