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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Ashkirk(N) (NT474229)
To:  near Crailing (NT680246)
Via:  Lilliesleaf, Ancrum
Distance:  15.4 miles (24.8 km)
Meets:  A7, B6359, A68, A698
Highway Authorities

Scottish Borders

Traditional Counties

Roxburghshire • Selkirkshire

Route outline (key)
B6400 Ashkirk – Lilliesleaf
(B6359) Lilliesleaf
B6400 Lilliesleaf – Crailing

The B6400 is a secondary road in southeast Scotland. It was originally unclassified but gained its number in the late 1920s.

We start on the A7 to the north of Ashkirk. This is in the valley of the Ale Water and we head eastwards along a narrow road, initially following the valley downstream but we soon climb out to the north to run across the open fields. After running alongside Clerklands Loch we pass the hamlets of Clerklands and Riddell and descend back into the valley to cross the river and climb out on the other side.

A sharp left-hand bend means we now run parallel to the valley, just not in it. It's not long before we reach the village of Lilliesleaf, where the road becomes S2 just in time to reach a T-junction on the B6359. There's now a multiplex left along that road, still parallel to the Ale Water, back into open country. The B6359 soon bends sharply left; it is at this point that the B6400 reappears by turning right.

We continue to follow the Ale Water quite vaguely. The road, which is wider than the first section, zigzags across the fields with a number of sharp corners interspersed with relatively straight sections. A few buildings are passed but no places of any size until Ancrum is reached. We run through the village centre then descend to cross a narrow bridge over the Ale Water and reach the A68, which is crossed at a staggered crossroads.

We continue east along a tree-lined avenue, skirting the grounds of Monteviot House and crossing the Roman Dere Street before reaching Nisbet. We leave the village heading south and cross the long-closed Nisbet station on the Jedburgh branch line. After crossing a narrow weak bridge over the River Teviot, a short, largely S1 section of road crosses the flood plain to end at a T-junction on the A698. Crailing is a short distance to the left.

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