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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Honiton (ST172013)
To:  Swaythling, Southampton (SU436161)
Via:  Bournemouth
Distance:  97 miles (156.1 km)
Meets:  A30, A375, B3261, A358, B3165, A3052, B3162, B3157, A3066, B3159, A37, B3150, A354, B3147, A352, B3144, B3142, B3390, A31, B3075, A351, B3067, A350, B3068, A349, A3049, B3093, B3068, B3369, A3040, B3065, A338, B3066, B3064, A3049, B3059, A3060, B3073, B3059, B3347, A337, B3055, B3058, A337, B3056, A326, B3076, A36, M271, A33, A3057, A335, A27
Former Number(s):  A373, A3067
Old route now:  A3052
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

National Highways • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole • Dorset • Hampshire • Southampton

Traditional Counties

Devon • Dorset • Hampshire

Route outline (key)
A35 Exeter – Charmouth
A35 Honiton – Westbourne
(A338) Westbourne – Bournemouth
A35 Bournemouth – Swaythling


The A35 originally started immediately east of Exeter

According to the earliest recorded numbering (1922 lists) the A35 (Sidmouth Road) started at a junction with the A30 (Honiton Road) at Heavitree in the eastern suburbs of Exeter. That original route is now followed by an unclassified road which links to Junction 30 of the M5, then by the A376 over the short distance from the M5 to Clyst St Mary, and finally by the A3052 through Sidford, Colyton, and Lyme Regis to just west of Charmouth. The renumbering of this stretch (and of the A373 east of Honiton to become the new first section of the A35) took place at the opening of the Honiton Bypass in December 1966.

A trip along the A3052 through Lyme Regis today demonstrates that this was a difficult part of the original route although the remainder is of reasonably high quality. As already mentioned, the route from Honiton to Charmouth was originally a section of the A373 and this stretch was part of trunk route 37 as listed in the 1946 Trunk Roads Act. This trunk road is known as the Folkestone to Honiton Trunk Road and encompasses many other roads along the south coast including A31, M27, A27 and A259.

Honiton – Southampton

The current route of the A35 starts with a junction on the A30 Honiton Bypass to the northeast of the town. The route includes a short section of the bypassed alignment of the A30 in Honiton before climbing through a relatively urban setting towards the hills above the south of the town. This section has been the subject of studies and a bypass proposal was contained in the A303 Marsh to Honiton Improvement and A35 Honiton Eastern Bypass scheme which was given the go-ahead in January 1997. The route protection for this scheme was removed following the adoption of the proposed A358 improvements between Ilminster and the M5 in 2004 following the recommendation of the South West Area Multi-Modal Study in 2002.

The A35 continues along a relatively unimproved section through Wilmington and Kilmington in east Devon. The first improved section is reached with the single-carriageway Axminster bypass, opened in 1991. A further short unimproved section takes us through Raymonds Hill and leads to the Devon-Dorset border and a short section of dual carriageway until the start of the Charmouth bypass, where the A3052 (the old A35) from Lyme Regis joins our route. The improvement bypassed the Thistle Hill Tunnel (which is now a shooting range) and the route through the town. It was opened in July 1990.

After the Charmouth bypass the route is unimproved and leads through the villages of Morcombelake and Chideock. A scheme was promoted for a bypass of these villages and orders were published. These, however, were withdrawn in 1998. A short unimproved section, leading to the Bridport bypass, in part uses the route of the old railway to West Bay. A picnic area is accessible from the junction to Eype. The bypass was opened in 1988. The road climbs out of Bridport and towards Dorchester via some improved sections, initially with a climbing lane, and then as a couple of sections of full dual carriageway.

The A35 drops down from the hills to reach Winterbourne Abbas. Here, there were plans for a bypass but these have lapsed since the change of government in 1997. A bypass remains an aspiration for Dorset County Council although there appears to be a realisation that it is unlikely to be constructed in the foreseeable future. A large white building on the left, about a kilometre before the start of the bypass, was originally a Marconi high-frequency radio transmitting station, opened in 1927 and used for beaming messages to North and South America, Japan, and East and South Africa, amongst other places.

Dorchester bypass

At Dorchester an improved single-carriageway section, opened in September 1988, bypasses the town to the south, running from a junction ("Monkey’s Jump Roundabout") with the A37 to that with the B3150 (former A35) near Stinsford – meeting the A354 at "Stadium Roundabout" and the A352 at Max Gate (a grade-separated junction) en route.

From Stinsford the A35 continues as an unimproved single-carriageway section (with a rest area for eastbound traffic) as far as Cuckoo Lane bridge which marks the start of the dual-carriageway Yellowham Hill Improvements, opened in December 1991. This section joins into the Tolpuddle and Puddletown Bypass which opened in 1998 and was constructed by a joint venture of Balfour Beatty and Tilbury Douglas. The construction of this bypass and also the A30 Honiton to Exeter Improvements formed the capital works part of the A30/A35 DBFO and the DBFO Concessionnaire (Connect A30/A35) carries out the maintenance of the A35 from the Honiton Bypass as far as the junction with the A31 at Bere Regis. The road bypasses the villages to the north and passes through chalk countryside above Tolpuddle, home of the "Martyrs" who were punished for forming a trade union. The dual carriageway ends at the start of the Bere Regis bypass which was opened in 1982. At a roundabout the A31 starts and takes forward the trunk road towards Wimborne Minster. The A35, now only a primary route, heads south for a short stretch along the county-council-funded part of the bypass until the terminal roundabout where the A35 turns east and heads for the Poole and Bournemouth conurbation.

This next section is primary runs across Bloxworth Heath to the Bakers Arms Roundabout and then becomes a dual-carriageway section to bypass Lytchett Minster and Upton. This section was opened in 1980. The A350 is met and there is a multiplex until the next junction where the A35 has to turn off, with the A350 continuing into the centre of Poole with a link to the A3049 Dorset Way. The two roads run parallel for a short distance (with the A35 mostly single carriageway) before separating. After passing over the A349 Broadstone Way the Fleet's Bridge roundabout is met from where there is access to the eastbound A3049 - but no access back to the A350 which explains the detour. On the far side of the roundabout the A35 heads towards Parkstone, Branksome and Bournemouth. On reaching the Wessex Way (opened 1973) the A35 disappears to run along a useless multiplex with the A338. At St Pauls Roundabout in Bournemouth (next to a large Asda supermarket), the A35 reappears and turns southwards. From this point it becomes a non-primary road.

A35 historic route from 1922/3 numbering

This non-primary section runs broadly parallel to the A338 and crosses the river Stour after which the Christchurch Bypass is reached which was opened in 1958. An unimproved single carriageway section runs from the east end of the Christchurch bypass across the New Forest to Lyndhurst. After a junction with the A337 and a one-way system in Lyndhurst, the A35 approaches the west of Southampton and becomes dual carriageway as the Totton Bypass. There is a freeflow junction with the A36 and the A35 crosses the River Test on the Redbridge Causeway. The road is grade separated at the M271 junction (Redbridge Flyover) where the road number becomes the A33 for no apparent reason, possibly because the road becomes primary here. At the next junction (Millbrook Flyover) the A35 (still non-primary) turns off north towards Shirley and Southampton Common. This dual carriageway section known as Tebourba Way was opened in 1953 and bypassed a section of the original 1946 trunk road from Millbrook to Shirley that at the time was numbered A3067. On the edge of Southampton Common, the A35 splits into two at a Hollybrook Roundabout. One branch continues ahead, following the original alignment, to meet the A33 (the former route of the London to Southampton Trunk Road) at the Memorial Roundabout. The other, longer branch bears right to cross the A33 at Bassett Crossroads and then continue along Burgess Road and Stoneham Lane to a terminus on the A27 in Swaythling.


Older orders

A35 Charmouth Bypass Line order SI 1986/1106 Detrunking SI 1986/1107

A35 Bridport Bypass Line order SI 1987 No Detrunking SI 1987 No

A35 Dorchester Bypass Line order SI 1986/675 Detrunking SI 1986/676

A31/A35 Bere Regis Bypass Line order SI 1979/556


Charmouth tunnel for the last time

Charmouth tunnel in Dorset in the last few weeks before the tunnel closed

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Abbey Gate Junction • Bailey Roundabout • Bakers Arms Roundabout • Bassett Crossroads • Bere Regis Roundabout • Bournemouth Station Roundabout • Charmouth Roundabout • Cheneys Farm Interchange • Christchurch Road Roundabout • Civic Centre Roundabout • County Gates Gyratory • Creekmoor Bridge • Crown Roundabout • East Road Roundabout • Fleets Corner • Fountain Roundabout • Hollybrook Roundabout • Iford Roundabout • Jumpers Corner • Langford Junction • Lyndhurst Roundabout • Max Gate Junction • Memorial Roundabout (Southampton) • Miles Cross Junction • Millbrook Roundabout • Monkeys Jump Roundabout • Newlands Roundabout • Northbrook Interchange • Park Corner • Pottery Junction • Purewell Cross Roundabout • Redbridge Junction • Redbridge Roundabout (Southampton) • Somerford Roundabout • St Pauls Roundabout • St Swithuns Roundabout • Stadium Roundabout • Stinsford Roundabout • Swaythling Interchange • Tolpuddle Ball Junction • Troy Town Junction • Upton Park Junction • Upton Roundabout
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