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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Kingsteignton (SX869734)
To:  Dunsford (E) (SX835894)
Via:  The Teign Valley
Distance:  11.4 miles (18.3 km)
Meets:  B3195, B3344, B3212
Former Number(s):  B3213
Old route now:  A383
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B3193 Kingsteignton Bypass - Kingsteignton
B3193 Kingsteignton - Chudleigh Knighton
(B3344) Chudleigh Knighton - Chudleigh
B3193 Chudleigh - Dunsford


The B3193 follows the River Teign inland from Kingsteignton onto Dartmoor.

The B3193 starts to the north of Kingsteignton town centre on the B3195 (pre-bypass A380). On 3rd November 2014, a new 2-mile stretch of the B3193 costing £10 million opened between the B3195 at Strap Lane (a little further north from the B3193 terminus, which has not moved) and the junction with Clay Lane. This is to bypass the quarries that are a well known feature in the area. The old road will be dug up and the ground below it used for further quarrying.

Bridford Bridge

After the Clay Lane junction to the left for access to the A38 southbound, we soon cross over the Devon Expressway and multiplex with the B3344, passing the Finlake Holiday Park, then regain our number by turning off to the left to a lower standard section of road with many blind bends. Along this is a part with a 40mph speed limit containing the Teign House Inn and Teign Valley Nursery, and no sooner do we leave that (wholly appropriate) speed limit do we TOTSO again off to the right and cross over the hump-back Bridford Bridge, with the road narrowing a bit more for the remaining length. The road ends at a give-way fork on the B3212 east of Dunsford, where most traffic turns right to head towards Exeter.

In general, the section southeast of the A38 serves as a fairly important link between the A38 and A380 for traffic from Torbay to Chudleigh; the A382 and A383 are other similar links, for Bovey Tracey and Ashburton respectively. The northwest section, however, usually tends to be used as an alternative route to Exeter for when the major south entrances (A30, A38, A379 and M5) are congested from events like the Devon County Show, as well as being a more viable cycle route than the main roads, and of course serving the villages along the way.


The B3193 originally ended on the A38 to the west of Chudleigh. This northern section has now been taken over by the new A38 and so a new bridge has been built across the River Teign to take the B3193 to meet the pre-bypass A38 (now the B3344) nearer to Chudleigh Knighton.

In the early 1920s the B3193 was extended north, following a brief multiplex west across the A38 Chudleigh Bridge to meet the B3213 at Bridford Bridge. It took over the western branch of that road (towards Dunsford) immediately, then in 1935 it took over the remainder, so giving it two northern ends on the B3212. The western branch has now been declassified, hence the TOTSO.

When the A380 Kingsteignton bypass was built the B3193 was extended east to meet it (following a multiplex along the B3195). This extension is now part of the A383 so the B3193 starts at its original southern end.

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