C137 (Staffordshire)

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From:  Shareshill (SJ946060)
To:  Cheslyn Hay (SJ969053)
Via:  Hilton Park services
Distance:  1.7 miles (2.7 km)
Meets:  A460 • A462 • C116
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Route outline (key)
C137 Shareshill - Cheslyn Hay
This article is about the Class III road numbered C137 by Staffordshire Council.
For other roads that are numbered C137, see C137

Staffordshire County Council's locally classified C137 forms a rural link between the villages of Shareshill and Cheslyn Hay between Wolverhampton and Cannock, and also connects to the local access to Hilton Park services.

It starts at a T junction with the A460 on the edge of Shareshill (forming half of a staggered junction with the C335) before passing into woodland, meeting the C116 Dark Lane and passing Hilton Hall. It crosses the M6 on an overbridge, with the local access to Hilton Park services being either side of the bridge, before meeting the A462 near Cheslyn Hay.

At the eastern end there is a short spur heading north from the main route that simply connects to A462 a short way north. However, the spur is of a very low standard, being almost single track in width.

C137 (Staffordshire)
ServicesHilton Park services
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