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B128 (Northern Ireland)

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From:  Augher (H563536)
To:  Allistragh (H863498)
Via:  Aughnacloy
Distance:  23.1 miles (37.2 km)
Meets:  A4, A5, B35, B45, B115, B130, B106, A29
Former Number(s):  A28
Primary Destinations
Traditional Counties

Armagh • Tyrone

Route outline (key)
B128 Augher - Aughnacloy
(A5) Aughnacloy
B128 Aughnacloy - Allistragh
Towards Aughnacloy

The B128 is a winding road in south Northern Ireland. It was originally unclassified but gained its number in the late 1920s.

The road starts at a mini-roundabout on the A4 in the centre of Augher and heads east along Main Street; this road was originally the A28 and only became the B128 in early 2013. We soon leave town and follow the River Blackwater downstream, although the road is considerably straighter than the river. After crossing the river there's a short detour to the north, after which we continue east to reach the A5 to the north of Aughnacloy.

There's a multiplex to the right into town. After half a mile the A5 TOTSOs right and the A28 takes over, then we turn left onto a useless multiplex along the B35. The B128 regains its number on the northern side of town by turning right. We soon reenter open country and follow a winding route eastwards, contouring across undulating terrain. Presently a T-junction is reached on the B45 and there's a short multiplex to the left before the B128 turns right at a crossroads to regain its number.

Continuing east we soon cross the B115. The road now becomes even more winding than before even though that would not seem possible. We reach Benburb and run along the main street, meeting the B130 in the village centre. We now descend back into open fields, meeting the B106 and then crossing the River Blackwater again to enter Blackwatertown. There's a badly signed TOTSO right and the road heads south, straighter than before. It's not long before we reach journey's end at a T-junction on the A29 to the north of Armagh.

B128 (Northern Ireland)
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