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From:  Ulceby Cross (TF412737)
To:  Mablethorpe (TF506850)
Via:  Alford, Maltby le Marsh
Distance:  10.8 miles (17.4 km)
Meets:  A16, A1028, A1111, A157, A1031, A52
Former Number(s):  B1107, B1196, B1199, B1198
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1104 Ulceby Cross - Mablethorpe


The A1104 is a winding A-road in east Lincolnshire, connecting the A16 with the coast at Mablethorpe.

Ulceby Cross - Mablethorpe

The road starts at the Ulceby Cross roundabout where it meets the A16 and A1028. It heads northeastwards, descending almost to sea level in the space of a couple of miles, to enter Alford. The first road on the right after entering the town is called Beechings Way, built on the old railway line.

The road runs along the High Street and bears left around the church before the A1111 leaves to the right near the windmill. The road now heads north across the fields and climbs the steep but short Snape Hill to pass to the west of Saleby. The road soon bends sharply right, with the B1373 continuing at 12 o'clock. That road passes to the west of Strubby Airfield to meet the A157 whereas we pass to the south to meet the road in the linear village of Maltby-le-Marsh.

The A1031 junction on the edge of Mablethorpe

The road is now completely flat and a wind farm can be seen to the right. We continue northeast across what must have been coastal marshes at one time. The A1031 comes in from the left as we reach the outskirts of Mablethorpe. The road runs into town along Alford Road before a bend takes us into the dead-straight High Street. The shops become more frequent as we get to the far end and it also becomes more obvious that Mablethorpe is a seaside resort. A set of traffic lights is soon reached. now only a couple of blocks inland (although the sea is not visible). The A1104 ends here and the High Street continues as an unclassified road ahead to the seafront. To the right is the start of the A52, although the best way to get to its far end in Newcastle-under-Lyme is actually to go back along the A1104.


As may be expected from its number and its winding, zigzag route, the A1104 was cobbled together from a number of pre-existing Class II roads in the late 1920s.

On classification in 1922 the road from Ulceby Cross to Alford was the B1197, then the B1196 continued north. The road from the present sharp bend through Maltby was the B1199, after which the B1198 covered the final section into Mablethorpe. All of this was renumbered as the A1104, providing Mablethorpe's first connection to the Class I network and ending on a useless multiplex on the B1198, which continued along the present A52 south of Mablethorpe; this was soon removed with the extension of the A154 into town.

This area has seen a number of renumberings since the 1920s - but the A1104 has remained unchanged throughout.

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