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From:  Mill of Carden (NJ693257)
To:  Elrick (NJ419261)
Distance:  22.7 miles (36.5 km)
Meets:  A96, B992, A97, A941
Former Number(s):  A979, A941
Highway Authorities

Aberdeenshire • Moray

Traditional Counties

Aberdeenshire • Banffshire

Route outline (key)
B9002 Mill of Carden - Gartly
(A97) Gartly - Craig Castle
B9002 Craig Castle - Elrick
This article is about the current B9002 through Insch in Aberdeenshire.
For the previous B9002 from Rhynie to Elrick, see B9002 (Rhynie - Elrick)
For the original B9002 from Inverurie to Fraserburgh, see B9002 (Inverurie - Fraserburgh).



The B9002 is a road of two halves in west Aberdeenshire.

The road starts at a triangular junction on the A96 at Mill of Carden and heads west, following a similar route to the Aberdeen to Inverness railway line. We soon go under the railway and continue through Oyne. We cross surprisingly flat land, although hills are not far away on both sides of the road; there's an excellent view of Bennachie to the left.

We zigzag over the railway line and then follow it into Insch. We pass a modern housing estate and a tractor dealership before the B992 comes in from the right from the village centre. Our road is then the dominant number in a multiplex ahead past the station and over a level crossing before the B992 turns left on the edge of open country. We continue on, sharing a small valley with the railway line and a burn called The Shevock.

The valley peters out and we cross a bog and pass the Ardmore Distillery to enter Kennethmont. We head north out of the village and go over the railway line again to pass the visitor entrance to Leith Hall, owned by the NTS. We head towards Hill of Noth to reach the railway and follow it for a few hundred yards before bearing left to cross over the line. A short distance further on we reach a T-junction on the A97.

It could be assumed that the B9002 ends here but it doesn't. If we turn left and multiplex along the A97 over over 5 miles the B9002 reappears. There's no reason why anyone would need to follow the full length of our road, however, as the multiplex passes through Rhynie, from where the A941 follows a shorter and quicker route to the far end of the B9002.

The B9002 turns off the A97 in the valley of the Water of Bogie. It heads west and narrows almost immediately to pass the ruin of St Mary's Kirk. A sharp bend to the left starts us climbing into the hills. We continue across the moors and presently reach a T-junction on the A941, where the road ends.


On classification in 1922 the section of the present B9002 west of the A97 was part of the B9013 whilst the remainder was unclassified. It was quickly upgraded to Class I status, however, with the western section becoming part of the A941 and the eastern section the A979. The B9002 number came to the area around the same time, following an alternative route between the A97 and Elrick.

Our incarnation of the B9002 came into existence in 1935 when the A941 and B9002 swapped numbered west of the A97. The A979 remained until around 1970 when it was downgraded and for some reason became an extension of the B9002.

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