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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Broadley Bridge (NJ609627)
To:  Turriff (NJ725499)
Distance:  13.5 miles (21.7 km)
Meets:  A98, A95, A97, B9121, A947
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties

Aberdeenshire • Banffshire

Route outline (key)
B9025 Broadley Bridge - Blacklaw
(A97) Blacklaw - Aberchirder
B9025 Aberchirder - Turriff
The B9025 towards Turriff

The B9025 is a cross-country B-road, mostly in Banffshire.

The road starts on the A98 near Broadley Bridge in the valley of the Burn of Boyne. A wind farm is visible to the north but the B9025 heads south. After skirting a meander of the burn and going through the embankment of a dismantled railway line the road becomes dead-straight for some distance. The road has to detour when it crosses the A95 as the junction has been turned into a staggered crossroads (the original line of the B9025, which remained straight, is still clearly visible) but the road does not curve again until the terrain becomes hillier near Oldtown of Ord, making it more sensible to make the road bendier to lessen the gradient.

There are only a handful of bends, however, and the road remains more-or-less straight until it curves sharply to the left to reach a T-junction on the A97 (and here as well the road has been realigned to improve the junction). There then follows a multiplex south for about 2 miles along the much more winding A97 to the eastern edge of Aberchirder, where the B9025 regains its number by turning left and heading eastwards. The reason for the long multiplex is that this is the original western end of the B9025; it was only extended north via the multiplex to Broadley Bridge in 1935.

The nature of the second section of B9025 is quite different from the first. There are no more long, straight sections across flat land and gentle gradients. The road is now very winding with hilly terrain to match. The road zigzags eastwards trying to remain as flat as possible. After crossing a small stream the B9121 comes in from the left. The next couple of miles are relatively straight, after which the road reaches the valley of the River Deveron. It bends sharply to the left to soften the gradient and then descends into the valley. Road and river run adjacent for a few hundred yards until the river is crossed and the road enters Turriff. The road runs along Deveron Road and Deveron Street, which are largely residential, before giving way at a crossroads. Here it TOTSOs right onto Market Street and ends one block further south on the A947 in The Square.

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