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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  New Deer (NJ897476)
To:  Old Deer (NJ978476)
Distance:  5.6 miles (9.1 km)
Meets:  A981, B9028, B9106, B9030
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Route outline (key)
B9029 New Deer - Old Deer

The B9029 is a short B-road in north Aberdeenshire, one of two B roads serving the village of Maud.

The road starts to the east of New Deer, at a TOTSO on the A981 (former B9002); the B9028 also reaches this crossroads. The B9029 heads east across the fields. It descends to cross a stream and climbs out again to reach the village of Maud. On the near side of town the road is crossed by the B9106, and here begins some confusion. Both the OS and Google show the onward route as part of the B9106, that route forming a triangle around the village, breaking the route of the B9029. However, as the B9029 is the older route having been classified in 1922, there seems no reason for it to have been usurped. Signage on the ground suggests that the B9029 is continuous, whereas there are none to suggest that the eastern end of the triangle is even classified. Aberdeenshire Council's official list of roads does state that the southern side of the triangle is indeed the B9029, whilst the eastern side is the B9106.

The B9029 therefore continues east along Deer Road before bending sharply left into Station Road, in the vicinity of the old station. Just to the north the road bends sharply right into Deer Road East. The remainder of Station Road heads north to reach the B9106 on the northern edge of the village and is a short branch of that road. Doubling back once more, it seems clear that this detour around 3 sides of a square relates to the construction of the railway, and the siting of the bridge.

The B9029 heads east out of Maud and zigzags around the two former railway lines that ran north and east out of town. Old maps show that they went over the B9029 but the two bridges have since been removed. The road continues east above the South Ugie Water and parallel to one of the old railway lines, now a footpath. The road soon reaches Old Deer. It enters town along Abbey Street before ending opposite the church at a TOTSO on the B9030, the mainline swinging north to meet the A950.

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