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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Loandhu (NH797788)
To:  Portmahomack (NH915847)
Distance:  9.4 miles (15.1 km)
Meets:  A9, B9166, unclassified
Former Number(s):  B865
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties

Cromartyshire • Ross-shire

Route outline (key)
B9165 Loandhu - Portmahomack



The B9165 is an L-shaped road at the eastern end of Easter Ross.

The road starts on the A9 in the middle of Calrossie Woods and heads east. The main road has been straightened here and its old route, now a tarmacked track, is crossed after a short distance. Our road winds to pass south of Loandhu and then goes over the Far North Line above the isolated - but still open - Fearn station. There are a few other buildings here but no real settlement.

A couple of straights interspersed with sharp corners take us into the village of Hill of Fearn where we pass along Main Road. The majority of the settlement is to the left although there are a few houses on the right to block the view over the fields. A short stretch of open country then takes us into Fearn itself, with Fearn Abbey lying off to the right. On the far side of the village we TOTSO left, the road ahead being the B9166.

The road now continues northeastwards across relatively featureless countryside, although we do pass a few buildings. After a few miles the sea becomes visible to the left and we descend into the coastal village of Portmahomack. After passing a caravan park and the church we follow Main Street with the beach on our left. The road soon reaches the harbour and ends without ceremony at a point that varies depending on which map you look at. The road ahead goes through a car park and becomes a private drive.


Before the A9 was extended north of Inverness in 1935, everything north of the city was in Zone 8, so the B9165 was originally the B865. The road was renumbered when the zone boundary was moved in that year.

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B9165 through Calrossie Wood (C) sylvia duckworth - Geograph - 2209784.jpgT-junction where the B9165 and B9166 meet at Fearn - Geograph - 226093.jpg
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