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Location Map
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From:  Bannockburn (NS817901)
To:  Airth (NS894880)
Distance:  6.7 miles (10.8 km)
Meets:  A91, A905
Highway Authorities

Falkirk • Stirling

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B9124 Bannockburn - Airth


Near Cowie

The B9124 is a link road in east Stirlingshire. The road takes a somewhat zigzagging route, starting on the edge of Stirling and crossing relatively flat land to reach Airth on the banks of the Forth.

It starts on the A91 on the eastern side of Bannockburn and heads east to Cowie. This section of the road is a fairly ordinary, and at times narrow S2, crossing the railway as it leads into the village. There are a series of mini roundabouts through the village, one of which is poorly signed and it is intuition that keeps visitors on the B9124! As the road runs through Cowie, it turns back to the southwest, passing the Norbord factory on the southern edge of the village. At this point, the road suddenly improves, with a good wide alignment as it re-crosses the Edinburgh-Stirling railway line and nearly reaches the A9.

However, just a couple of hundred metres from the main road, the B9124 meets another road at a t-junction near Plean (where there was formerly a railway station). Curiously, the B9124 TOTSOs left here, the road to the A9 being unclassified, and traffic for the factory forced to make the turn. What is more, not far beyond the junction, the B road reverts to a narrow S2. This is Gallamuir Road, heading east again and crossing the railway for a third time. The rest of its route is through open countryside, although the high hedges on either side of the road obscure much of this. There are scattered houses and farms in the landscape, although few sit on the roadside as it wiggles and winds eastwards, mostly without a centre line.

After a couple of miles, the road crosses the course of the old Larbert-Alloa railway, long closed, before reaching a crossroads. Here, the final indignation for this B road is that it is forced to give way to an unclassified route which is busier, wider and faster than itself. There is even a centre line! This route runs south to to Stenhousemuir and north to South Alloa. Continuing east, the B9124 crosses the little Pow Burn, and winds around some sharper bends before it terminates on the A905 just north of Airth. Just before the main road, a driveway on the left leads into Drummore Park, and the Pineapple.


The road is not listed in the 1922 Road Lists, but it was subsequently routed along pre-existing roads and it is present in approximately its current route on the 1932 Ten Mile OS map.

Originally the road started on the A9 in Bannockburn but it was cut back to the A91 when the new road was built. Cowie Road still exists on both sides of the bypass, although the full length of the old road is not easy to determine.

The southern half of the route from Cowie to Plean formerly took a more easterly line, turning left then right to head down Station Road in Plean; it appears the road crossed the railway on a now-demolished bridge east of the current crossing, and took a left turn onto the Plean-Airth road at a slightly later point. The old alignment is still shown on the OS 7th series. As this route passed nearer the railway station, the change may have followed the closure of the station (probably in the late 1960s). The new alignment uses a new bridge over the Edinburgh-Stirling-Dunblane mainline.

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