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From:  Douglastown (NO418475)
To:  Arbroath (NO631410)
Via:  Kirkbuddo
Distance:  16.1 miles (25.9 km)
Meets:  A94, A90, B978, B9128, B961, A933, B9095
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Route outline (key)
B9127 Douglastown – Arbroath

The B9127 is a link road in south Angus heading into Arbroath from the west. The route was originally unclassified but had gained its number by 1932.

The A90 underpass at Kinettles Road End

The route begins at a simple T junction on the A94 roughly halfway between Forfar and Glamis and initially follows the original route of the A94 into the hamlet of Douglastown before bearing left just before reaching the houses. The western end of the old main road is now closed up on the far side of the old stone bridge over the Kerbet Water. Heading south east, the B9127 soon reaches the small group of buildings at the Kirkton of Kinnettles and then the castle-like mansion of Kinnettles House, which is situated on the left up the hill amongst trees. After the long sweeping left hander at Kirkton, there are no more significant corners for a while as the road runs through fields, the hill steepening to the north, with the steepest section shrouded in trees. After passing the entrance to Invereighty House, the route reaches Kinettles Road End, a stretched GSJ on the A90 dual carriageway. Sliproads for the northbound carriageway are met before the route passes through the underpass, on the far side of which is a T-junction. The mainline turns right here, left being a dead end serving farms, and also the southbound offslip from the A90. The southbound onslip is then met a short distance to the south, as the B9127 turns away from the A90 to head east once more.

The B9127 near Kirkbuddo

A series of short straights connected by tightening corners then leads to the hamlet of Inverarity and its church, where there is a sharp turn left. From here, the route starts a long uphill climb for the next mile and a half. At first, the ascent is gentle, with some meandering bends leading on to a long straight that climbs more steeply towards Whigstreet. A minor road is crossed in the hamlet and then the route goes through a wood at the Muir of Lour, where there are remnants of an old Roman camp. The old railway is crossed at Rosekinghall and a twisty section then has to be negotiated around Kirkbuddo House as the route climbs up towards the summit. As the route straightens up, it meets the B978 at Kirkbuddo Crossroads, where it has to give way. A little further on, the route crosses its summit of around 173m, but the descent is very gradual, and a mile later another B-road has to be crossed, this time the B9128 Forfar to Carnoustie road, and again the B9127 has to give way.

Still sitting high on the eastern fringe of the Sidlaw Hills, with open farmland in all directions; it's here that the road starts to head downhill, albeit still gradually. The North Sea can occasionally be glimpsed on the horizon, but as the road undulates gently, fields and patches of woodland often hide the view. The B961 is soon reached at a T-junction and the two routes briefly multiplex to the north, passing Milton of Carmyllie and crossing the Elliot Water, before separating as the B9127 turns right. Still heading east, a sinuous section leads onto a long straight at the end of which there's an extremely tight double bend, left then right through a wood, as the road crosses Blackden Bridge over the Black Burn. Back in open farmland again, the route passes the farms of Denhead of Arbirlot and Newton of Arbirlot, losing height all the way, before reaching another T-junction. This is a TOTSO, where the B9127 turns left; right is a minor road to the nearby village of Arbirlot.

A long straight run now heads east and within a mile it reaches the outskirts of Arbroath. Right on the edge of the urban area, the B9127 turns right at a second TOTSO into Arbirlot Road West. This curves south east around the edge of the town before houses and a school appear on the right hand side as well. Soon after, the route meets the A933 Westway, which is crossed via a right-left staggered crossroads into Arbirlot Road. This is a much more suburban road, lined with older houses interspersed with a scattering of newer properties and a small parade of shops. Half a mile later, the route ends at the junction with the B9095 Keptie Road.

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