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Five Ways (Wolverhampton)

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Five Ways
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This article is about the different junctions known as Five Ways in Wolverhampton.
For Junctions in other locations called Five Ways, see Five Ways

Rather confusingly, there are three junctions within Wolverhampton traditionally referred to as Five Ways, although late twentieth century redevelopment of the local network has meant that the city centre version is no longer an important junction, and the name at that location has fallen into virtual disuse.

Dunstall Park

Main Article: Five Ways (Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton)

This is still a major junction to the north of the city centre, although now only one route through the junction is classified. It is where the main northwards flows from the city centre merge - from the east side via Stafford Street, and the west side via Waterloo Road.

City Centre

Main Article: Five Ways (Wolverhampton City Centre)

Five Ways within the city centre is located at the junction of Queen Street, Berry Street and Piper's Row, in front of the Queen's Building.

Merry Hill

Main Article: Five Ways (Merry Hill, Wolverhampton)

The third Five Ways in Wolverhampton is located in the suburb of Merry Hill to the southwest of the city centre, and is at the junction of the locally classified U113 Coalway Road / Langley Road, U114 Bhylls Lane and the unclassified Finchfield Lane and Trysull Road.

Five Ways (Wolverhampton)
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