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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Malpas (SJ487472)
To:  Whitchurch (SJ551396)
Distance:  6.8 miles (10.9 km)
Meets:  B5069, A41, A49, B5476, B5398, B5476, A525, A41
Former Number(s):  A41
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Cheshire West and Chester • Shropshire

Traditional Counties

Cheshire • Shropshire

Route outline (key)
B5395 Malpas – Grindley Brook
(A41) Grindley Brook – Brooklands
B5395 Brooklands – Whitchurch
Grindley Brook

The B5395 is a link road through the Shropshire town of Whitchurch. The road number came to the area in the early 1930s when a previously unclassified road was given Class II status.

The road starts at a TOTSO on the B5069 by the market cross in the centre of Malpas and heads south, soon reaching open country. It continues across the fields, reaching no other places of any size (although a number of farms are passed) until, after crossing the Grindley Brook, the village of the same name is reached. Here there's a T-junction on the A41.

Originally the B5395 ended here but when the A41 Whitchurch bypass was built in the 1980s the B5395 was extended along the bypassed road. As such there's a multiplex to the right for about half a mile to a roundabout, where the A49 is also met, where the B5395 regains its number. We now run into Whitchurch along Chester Road. To the north of the town centre we reach another roundabout on the B5476 (pre-bypass A49). Here we bear right (with the B5395 the dominant number in the multiplex). Just afterwards there's a mini-roundabout; the old road through the town centre is to the right (marked on some maps as a disembodied section of the B5398) whilst we bear left onto London Road, the first town-centre bypass.

As may be expected it doesn't take long before the road becomes built-up again. The B5398 (former A525) comes in from the left at traffic lights adding a third road to the multiplex, after which a mini-roundabout is met. We bear left then left again at another mini-roundabout. At one or both of these junction the B5398 bears off right.

Now back on the old main road we leave town along Sedgeford. After crossing a dismantled railway line we cross the A525 southern bypass at a roundabout. When originally extended the A41 reappeared here but a further link road was built soon afterwards so our road continues on over the Crewe to Shrewsbury railway line to end on the A41 at the next roundabout.

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