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Primary Destinations
Bridgnorth • Oswestry • Shrewsbury • Telford • Whitchurch
Other Important Destinations
Ludlow • Wellington
Current Highway Authorities
Shropshire County Council • Telford and Wrekin Council
Cheshire • Denbighshire • Flintshire • Herefordshire • Montgomeryshire • Radnorshire • Staffordshire • Worcestershire
National Highways Roads
M54 • A5 • A49 • A458 • A483
This article is about the county.
For the Highway Authority, see Shropshire Council

Shropshire is a traditional county in the Midlands, meeting the Welsh border on its western side. It is a mostly rural county, with its only settlement with a population of over 100,000 being the New Town of Telford. However, with the rural nature of the county, smaller settlements such as the county town of Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Ludlow and Oswestry play a much more important role in the road network than would otherwise be the case.

Across the County

The Iron Bridge

The most important route through the county is the A5, which passes from the northwest of the county to Shrewsbury before heading eastwards out of the county, though its importance on the eastern side of the county has been undermined since the opening of the M54 in the Telford area in 1975, and its extension towards Wolverhampton, which opened in 1983.

As befits its status as the county town, despite its relatively small size (albeit not for Shropshire), Shrewsbury dominates the road network of the county, being the focal point of the majority of the county, being on the A5 as well as the A49, which runs north-south through the county, and the A458 into mid-Wales.

In the east of the county, Telford forms a hub of lesser importance, but this is due to the historical position of the New Town being an expansion of a previously extant group of towns, such as Wellington (a former Primary Destination in its own right), Oakengates and Dawley, and also to the presence of The Wrekin, a large, prominent hill immediately to the west of the town which funnelled the routes in the area into the A5. Telford also marks the north-western point of where Thomas Telford's Holyhead Road diverged from the A5 to take in what is now the A464 towards Wolverhampton.

Of the other Primary Destinations in the county, Oswestry and Bridgnorth form minor network hubs in their immediate area, whilst Whitchurch is one of the smallest Primary Destinations in England, with a population of under 10,000; it probably owes its status to being the largest settlement between Wolverhampton and Chester on the A41, and Shrewsbury and Warrington on the A49, rather than its own importance.

In the south-east of the county, the road network is focussed on the large city of Wolverhampton across the Staffordshire boundary, and the towns of Stourbridge and Kidderminster across the Worcestershire boundary.

Much of the southern section of Shropshire is hilly and so the road network is more fragmented. Roads that do enter this part of the county either follow the valleys or wind their way across the hills.

Highways Management

The A49 north of Shrewsbury

The majority of the road network in the county is managed by Shropshire County Council, whilst a large section in the east of the county is managed by Telford and Wrekin Council.

There are five roads managed by National Highways in the county - the M54, the A5 west of Telford, the A49 south of Shrewsbury, the A458 west of Shrewsbury and the A483.

Route From To Length
M54 Essington Wellington, Shropshire 23 miles View  
A5(M) Priorslee Cluddley 5 miles View
A5 London Holyhead 252 miles View
A41 London Birkenhead 204 miles View
A49 Ross on Wye Bamber Bridge 158 miles View
A51 Chester Kingsbury 79 miles View
A53 Buxton Battlefield, Shrewsbury 55.1 miles View
A442 Droitwich Hodnet 50.4 miles View
A454 Bridgnorth Sutton Coldfield 29 miles View
A456 Five Ways, Birmingham Woofferton 41 miles View
A458 Quinton Mallwyd 86.6 miles View
A464 Oaken Telford 10.0 miles View
A464 Oaken Nantwich 37.5 miles View
A483 Earlswood Chester 153.6 miles View
A488 Shrewsbury Penybont 49.5 miles View
A489 Machynlleth Wistanstow 53.0 miles View
A490 Church Stoke Llanfyllin 22.0 miles View
A491 Shrewsbury Cemmaes Road 49 miles View
A495 Llanfair Caereinion Redbrook 38.2 miles View
A518 Trench Uttoxeter Bypass 33.9 miles View
A519 Newport, Shropshire (N) Newcastle-under-Lyme 19.7 miles View
A525 Newcastle under Lyme Rhyl 73 miles View
A528 Marchwiel Shrewsbury 26.0 miles View
A529 Nantwich Hinstock 18.9 miles View
A529 Chester Hinstock 33.6 miles View
A4083 Queen's Head Oswestry 3.5 miles View
A4112 Burford Eardisley 23.6 miles View
A4113 Bromfield Knighton 14.0 miles View
A4117 Ludlow Fingerpost 14.8 miles View
A4169 Shifnal Much Wenlock 12.3 miles View
A4539 Hollinswood Priorslee 0.3 miles View
A4541 Meole Brace The Column 1.4 miles View
A4640 Priorslee Donnington 3.8 miles View
A5012 High Street St Mary's Street 0.1 miles View
A5013 Mardol Chester Street 0.3 miles View
A5014 Talbot Street High Street 0.1 miles View
A5064 Emstrey Shirehall 1.3 miles View
A5112 Bayleys roundabout Battlefield 5.3 miles View
A5112 Emstrey Shrewsbury 1.3 miles View
A5113 Harmer Hill Whitchurch 12.8 miles View
A5124 Battlefield Broadoak 1.2 miles View
A5191 Meole Brace Ditherington 3.4 miles View
A5223 Shawbirch Horsehay 5.5 miles View
A5223 Haygate Wellington 5.5 miles View
A5266 Snedshill Donnington 2.5 miles View
A5523 Shawbirch Horsehay 5.5 miles View   
B4176 Dudley Brockton 17.0 miles View
B4194 Astley Cross Kinlet 9.9 miles View
B4199 near Buttonbridge Bradley Farm, Kinlet 0.9 miles View
B4200 Callow Hill Henley 14.3 miles View
B4201 Mawleytown Farm Six Ashes 0.9 miles View
B4202 Mawley Oak Abberley 6.7 miles View
B4214 Cleehill Ledbury 28.4 miles View
B4361 Ludlow bypass (N) Cadbury's roundabout, Marlbrook 16.5 miles View
B4362 Walton Woofferton 20.2 miles View
B4363 Bridgnorth (E) Mawley, Cleobury Mortimer 12.3 miles View
B4364 near Henley Bridgnorth 17.2 miles View
B4365 Pedlar's Rest Bromfield 4.8 miles View
B4366 Bromfield Knighton 13.9 miles View
B4367 Brampton Bryan Long Meadowend 8.8 miles View
B4368 Morville Abermule Bypass 44.7 miles View
B4369 Broome Aston on Clun 0.6 miles View
B4370 Horderley Marshbrook 2.7 miles View
B4371 Church Stretton Much Wenlock 12.4 miles View
B4372 Morville Shipton 7.1 miles View
B4373 Donnington Wood Bridgnorth 16.7 miles View
B4374 Northgate Salop Street 0.2 miles View
B4375 The Dunge Marsh Gates 3.1 miles View
B4376 Broseley Much Wenlock 3.7 miles View
B4377 Ironbridge Broseley 1.9 miles View
B4378 Shipton Much Wenlock 6.6 miles View
B4379 Brockton Bloomsbury 9.1 miles View
B4380 Montford Bridge Buildwas 17.9 miles View
B4381 Lawley Coalbrookdale 3.2 miles View
B4382 Dawley Horsehay 1.1 miles View
B4383 Lydham Heath Lydham Manor 1.0 mile View
B4384 Bishop's Castle Foul Lane End 0.4 miles View
B4386 Shrewsbury Abermule 27.1 miles View
B4387 Halfway House Minsterley 5.4 miles View
B4393 Llanwddyn Ford 40.1 miles View
B4394 Wroxeter Shawbirch 6.0 miles View
B4396 Abertridwr Knockin Heath 21.9 miles View
B4397 Knockin Heath near Horton 11.7 miles View
B4398 Vyrnwy New Bridge Knockin 5.6 miles View
B4399 Porth-y-Waen Stonehouse 6.7 miles View
B4400 Leg Street Beatrice Street 0.2 miles View
B4456 Ashford Bowder Ludlow 3.5 miles View
B4473 Ford Montford Bridge 1.0 mile View
B4499 Brockton Minsterley 4.2 miles View
B4543 Dawley Donnington View
B4555 Bridgnorth near Kinlet 9.9 miles View
B4579 Glyn Ceiriog Oswestry eastern bypass 10.5 miles View
B4580 Oswestry By Pass Rhos-y-brithdir 16.2 miles View
B4589 Telford ? View
B5009 Gobowen bypass Queen's Head 5.5 miles View
B5026 Irelands Cross Walton, Stone 16.9 miles View
B5060 Snedshill Donnington 2.4 miles View
B5060 Priorslee Muxton 3.9 miles View
B5061 Priorslee Attingham Park 7.8 miles View
B5061 Haygate Wellington 1.4 miles View
B5062 Shrewsbury Forton 17.3 miles View
B5063 Welshampton Shawbirch 21.1 miles View
B5064 Battlefield, Shrewsbury Prees Heath 14.1 miles View
B5064 Ditherington Shrewsbury 1.8 miles View
B5065 Wem Sandford 5.4 miles View
B5066 Prees Higher Heath Darliston 0.8 miles View
B5067 Baschurch Shrewsbury 7.7 miles View
B5068 St Martins Ellesmere 5.1 miles View
B5069 Hampton Heath Nant y Caws 23.8 miles View
B5070 Bryn-er-Eos St Martin's Moor 3.7 miles View
B5072 Rampart Way Lawley 1.6 miles View
B5314 Weston-under-Lizard Weston Heath 1.8 miles View
B5316 Oakengates Ketley Bank 0.4 miles View
B5354 Mill Street Newport Road 0.2 miles View
B5364 Chemistry Whitchurch town centre 1.2 miles View
B5395 Malpas Whitchurch 6.8 miles View
B5398 Broughall Chemistry 2.2 miles View
B5406 St. George's Oakengates 2.1 miles View
B5462 View
B5476 Harmer Hill Whitchurch (N) 14.7 miles View
B5477 All Stretton Little Stretton 4.3 miles View     
T11 London Holyhead View
T14 E of Birmingham Birkenhead View
T17 Newport Shrewsbury View
T18 Swansea Manchester View
T50 NW of Wolverhampton Oakengates 13 miles View
T57 Shrewsbury Warrington View
T83 Shrewsbury Dolgellau View


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Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

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