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From:  Corwen (SJ073446)
To:  Chester (SJ400658)
Via:  Llandegla & Broughton
Distance:  26.7 miles (43 km)
Meets:  A494, A542, A525, A541, A550, A5118, A55, A483
Former Number(s):  B5104, A55
Highway Authorities

Cheshire West and Chester • Denbighshire • Flintshire

Traditional Counties

Cheshire • Denbighshire • Flintshire • Merionethshire

Route outline (key)
A5104 Corwen - Penyffordd
(A550) Penyffordd By Pass
A5104 Penyffordd Bypass - Chester
This article is about the current A5104 in North Wales.
For the once-proposed A5104 in Lancashire, see A5104 (Swinton - Worsley)

The A5104 is a long cross-country road south of the river in Chester and North Wales. Except for the eastern end which follows the old A55 the road was originally the B5104; it was upgraded to Class I status without a change of number in 1935.

The road starts at a TOTSO on the A494 on the opposite side of the River Dee to the town of Corwen. The road heads northeast into the hills before crossing a saddle into the valley of the Afon Morwynion. The road contours along this valley upstream and so remains surprisingly flat considering the steep sides of the valley. It does mean that the road gets closer to the valley bottom as it continues - and the stream is crossed at Bryneglwys.

A5104 towards Corwen

As the valley gets narrower the road climbs out to reach a roundabout where it crosses the A542. The road descends again to cross the River Alyn and reach Pen-y-stryt, where the A525 is crossed at a staggered crossroads controlled by traffic lights. The road then skirts Moel Garegog and climbs onto the moors once more. It reaches a summit of over 1100 feet then starts to descend gently over several miles. The B5430 is soon crossed at traffic lights at Rhydtalog, after which the road passes to the south of Treuddyn. As the road runs along a valley the speed limit drops unexpectedly to 30, despite there being no houses or lighting here. Presently we pass the unbelievable-sounding Pontybodkin and reach Pontblyddyn where we cross the A541 at a staggered crossroads. The Alyn is crossed again and the speed limit increases. We soon go under the Borderlands Line by Penyffordd station to a roundabout on the A550 Penyffordd bypass.

At one time the A5104 continued into town where there was a short multiplex along the A550. Now, however, the multiplex runs along the bypass to the next roundabout. The road to the left is the A5118 and the A5104 regains its number by turning right. The old road soon comes in from the right, after which the road bears left to cross the A55 at J36. The road skirts Broughton and reaches a roundabout where it meets the B5125. That road follows the original line of the A55 which we now take over. We pass Hawarden Airport, where there is an Airbus aircraft factory, after which there is a brief rural section before we reach the outskirts of Chester.

Initially, as we pass through Saltney, we are still in Wales but we enter England in time to pass Asda and go under the Chester to Shrewsbury line. The road continues along Hough Green and soon reaches a roundabout where it ends on the A483 just to the south of the city centre.

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JunctionsBroughton Roundabout (Flintshire) • Warren Interchange
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