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From:  Brechin bypass (NO574598)
To:  Montrose (NO712584)
Via:  Brechin
Distance:  9.5 miles (15.3 km)
Meets:  A90, B9134, B966, A933, A92
Former Number(s):  A94, A936, A933
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A935 Brechin – Montrose

The A935 runs from Brechin to the Angus coastal town of Montrose along the northern side of the River South Esk.

Entering Brechin from the west

These days the road starts on the A90 (former A94) Brechin bypass some way to the west of the town. However, the first mile or two into and through Brechin were once the A94, A936, and A933. We start at a GSJ, where a roundabout connects the two slip spurs, and head east on a relatively straight road into the former royal burgh.

The road wiggles a little to avoid the narrower streets of the town centre, and so follows St David Street, today the main shopping street. We pass a junction with the B966 and reach a roundabout with that road's other spur, where we join the original route of the A933 (which started on the A94 Trinity Road and headed south along Southesk Street).

The A934 now continues to follow Southesk Street, which is an old road that conveniently provides an eastern bypass to the town centre. We then reach Montrose Street and head east, past the A933 junction, which marks the original start of the A935, and on out of town.

The next bit of the A935 is characterised by a series of straights, before it becomes a little twistier. It never gets bendy exactly, however, and soon Montrose is in sight as we skirt the vast basin to the west of the town. After crossing the railway line, we reach a roundabout where the A935 turns right, shortly to meet the A92 at a point north-west of the town centre.

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A935 and Disused Petrol Station - Geograph - 112092.jpgSouth Esk Street, Brechin - Geograph - 1065521.jpgView entering Brechin from Forfar Road - Geograph - 1722965.jpgBrechin - Forfar Road at its junction with the road leading to Aberlemno - Geograph - 1722958.jpgA935 Southesk Street, Brechin.jpg
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