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Location Map
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Primary Destinations
Arbroath • Dundee • Forfar • Montrose • Tay Bridge
Other Important Destinations
Brechin • Kirriemuir
Current Highway Authorities
Angus Council • Dundee Council
Aberdeenshire • Fife • Kincardineshire • Perthshire
Transport Scotland Roads
A90 • A92 • A972
This article is about the County.
For the Highway Authority, see Angus Council

Angus is a traditional county on Scotland's east coast, including the city of Dundee. In the past, the county was also known as Forfarshire. Today the county is split into two, and administered by the small urban Dundee City Council and the more rural Angus Council.

Georgraphy & Economy

The A92 approaching the coast at Arbroath

Sitting on the north shore of the Firth of Tay, the county of Angus is a largely fertile, agricultural county. The coastal fringe is home to a series of towns, and the City of Dundee, whilst the far north of the county rises to the eastern end of the Cairngorm Mountains. The inland towns tend to be smaller, but include the old county town of Forfar and the former Cathedral City of Brechin.

Dundee is well known as an ancient port, and much of its history is due to that status. It is also associated with Marmalade, which was produced from oranges imported to the city. Further east along the coast, Arbroath and Montrose are also old ports, the former being the base for construction of the Bell Rock Lighthouse a dozen miles out in the North Sea.


Dundee from Fife

A good network of A and B roads radiate out from the coastal towns of Dundee, Arbroath and Montrose to the inland towns and villages. The A92 follows the coast, whilst a series of A roads cross the county from west to east. The north of the county, climbing into the mountains, is less well served by roads, although a number of B roads climb the glens, the B951 continuing into Perthshire, others giving way to unclassified dead ends.

The Tay Road Bridge crosses into Dundee from Fife to the south, but the most important route in the county is the A90, which is fully dualled as it heads north to Aberdeen. As it passes around Dundee, it is more like a suburban distributor road in places, with a series of roundabouts slowing traffic. There have been various plans to address this for many years, but nothing has come of them as yet. Most non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by Dundee Council or Angus Councils. The trunk roads include the A90, A92 and A972 and are managed by Transport Scotland

Route From To Length
A85 Oban Dundee 115 miles View
A90 Edinburgh Fraserburgh 146 miles View
A92 Dunfermline Blackdog 111 miles View
A923 Dundee Dunkeld 30.0 miles View
A926 Rattray Forfar 20.1 miles View
A927 Muirhead Alyth 11.7 miles View
A928 Todhills Kirriemuir 10.4 miles View
A929 Dundee Dundee Bypass 2.0 miles View
A930 Craigie, Dundee Muirdrum 11.2 miles View
A931 Broughty Ferry Road Tay Ferry 1.4 miles View
A932 Forfar bypass (S) Friockheim 10.3 miles View
A933 Brechin Arbroath 13.7 miles View
A934 Montrose Montreathmont Moor 6.4 miles View
A935 Brechin bypass Montrose 9.5 miles View
A936 Clerk Street Southesk Street 0.1 miles View
A937 Laurencekirk Montrose 9.9 miles View
A94 Bridgend, Perth Forfar 29.2 miles View
A958 Muirdrum Forfar 11.2 miles View
A972 Arbroath Road Forfar Road 1.1 miles View
A991 Dundee Dundee 1.8 miles View
Angus Coastal Tourist Route Dundee Stonehaven 58 miles View
B9095 Westway Millgate Loan 1.0 mile View
B9095 Keptie Road Stobcross 0.7 miles View
B9100 Commerce Street Meridian Street 0.1 miles View
B9113 Forfar Montreathmont Moor 8.8 miles View
B9114 Ladyloan Burnside Drive 0.7 miles View
B911 Ninewells Dundee 2.8 miles View
B9127 Douglastown Arbroath 16.1 miles View
B9128 Forfar bypass (N) Muirdrum 13.2 miles View
B9133 Bridge Street Ferry Street 0.34 miles View
B9134 Forfar Brechin 10.0 miles View
B9145 Victoria Street Town Hall 0.2 miles View
B9151 Lochee, Dundee Kingsway West 1.6 miles View
B951 Kirriemuir Lair 18.9 miles View
B954 Muirhead Dykend 17.5 miles View
B955 Kirriemuir Glen Clova 21.5 miles View
B956 Cortachy Road St Malcolm's Wynd 0.5 miles View
B957 Kirriemuir Finavon 8.2 miles View
B958 St Madoes Lochee 15.0 miles View
B959 Victoria Road Kingsway East 1.5 miles View
B959 Coupar Angus Road Arbroath Road 3.6 miles View
B960 Princes Street Dundee By Pass 1.8 miles View
B961 Dundee Friockheim (South) 15.9 miles View
B962 Monifieth Newbigging 1.8 miles View
B963 Stannergate West Ferry 0.5 miles View
B963 Muirdrum Forfar 11.3 miles View
B964 Dundee Road, Arbroath Cairnie Street, Arbroath 0.8 miles View
B965 Friockheim Inverkeilor 6.0 miles View
B966 Brechin Fordoun 18.7 miles View
B978 Broughty Ferry Tulloes 10.3 miles View
C10 Balshando Dronley 3.9 miles View
C11 Muirhead Liff 0.9 miles View
C11 Swallow Roundabout Liff 1.4 miles View
C12 Keithhall Mains of Fowlis 1.7 miles View
C12 Invergowrie Mains of Fowlis 1.3 miles View
C13 Glamis Bypass Glamis 0.3 miles View
C14 Auchtertyre Council Boundary 0.9 miles View
C14 Ashley Council Boundary 2.4 miles View
C16 Glamis Keillor 7.3 miles View
C16 Lintrose Council Boundary 3.6 miles View
C18 Markethill Meigle 5.3 miles View
C19 Coupar Angus Flatfield 1.1 miles View
C1 Carnoustie Husbandtown 5.5 miles View
C200 Kingsway East Balunie Drive 0.9 miles View
C201 Logie Street Clepington Road 1 mile View
C202 Kingsway West Laird Street 0.9 miles View
C204 West Marketgait Victoria Way 0.4 miles View
C205 Glamis Road Perth Road 0.5 miles View
C208 Kingsway East Arbroath Road 0.5 miles View
C209 Victoria Road Harestane Road 2.1 miles View
C20 Ardler Keillor 1.1 miles View
C210 Logie Street Balgay Road 0.7 miles View
C211 Dens Road Berwick Drive 2.5 miles View
C212 Lochee Road Hawkhill 0.5 miles View
C215 Hilltown Hilltown 0.1 miles View
C216 Balgowan Avenue Gillburn Road 0.3 miles View
C217 Coupar Angus Road Mallaig Road 1.6 miles View
C218 MacAlpine Road Old Glamis Road 3.3 miles View
C219 Arbroath Road Claypotts Road 2.1 miles View
C21 Balkeerie & Eassie Craigton 2.7 miles View
C221 Clepington Road Council Boundary 1.8 miles View
C222 Coupar Angus Road Strathmartine Road 1.3 miles View
C223 Scott Fyffe Roundabout Craigie Drive 0.4 miles View
C224 Dock Street Seagate 0.1 miles View
C225 Lochee Road Ancrum Road 0.4 miles View
C226 South Marketgait High Street 0.1 miles View
C227 Dundee Road Claypotts Road 0.3 miles View
C229 Drumgeith Road Longhaugh Road 0.6 miles View
C22 Padanaram Cardean 8.9 miles View
C230 Monifieth Road Forthill Road 1.1 miles View
C231 Logie Road Ninewells Hospital 1.9 miles View
C232 Charleston Drive South Road 0.3 miles View
C233 Lochee Road Harefield Road 0.8 miles View
C234 Perth Road Pentland Avenue 0.8 miles View
C235 Fisher Street Nursery Road 2.6 miles View
C236 Baldovie Road Strathmartine Road 4.4 miles View
C237 Baldovie Road Ballindean Road 1 mile View
C238 North Marketgait Somerville Place 0.4 miles View
C239 Drumgeith Road Longhaugh Road 1.3 miles View
C23 Loch of Kinnordy Ruthven House 6.4 miles View
C240 Hawkhill Glamis Road 1.5 miles View
C241 East Dock Road Commercial Street 1.1 miles View
C242 Dalhousie Road West Queen Street 1.7 miles View
C243 Kingsway South Road 0.4 miles View
C244 Strathmartine Road Pitkerro Road 1.4 miles View
C245 Lochee Road Rosebank Street 0.7 miles View
C246 Charleston Drive Glamis Road 0.7 miles View
C248 Forfar Road Longhaugh Road 0.8 miles View
C249 Fountainbleu Road Fintry Drive 1.3 miles View
C24 Formal Blackhill 9.4 miles View
C250 Strathmartine Road Old Glamis Road 0.7 miles View
C251 Coupar Angus Road Rosemount Drive 0.3 miles View
C252 Clepington Road Harefield Road 0.5 miles View
C253 4.5 miles View
C254 Albert Square Union Street 0.5 miles View
C256 Kingsway Coupar Angus Road 0.7 miles View
C257 East Marketgait Commercial Street 0.2 miles View
C258 View
C259 Dens Road Albert Street 0.2 miles View
C25 Prosen Bridge Lintrathen 11.1 miles View
C26 Bridge of Brewlands Auchavan 5.2 miles View
C27 Kirriemuir Glen Prosen 10.8 miles View
C28 Dykehead Glen Prosen 6.1 miles View
C29 Forfar Prosen Bridge 4.7 miles View
C2 Travebank Barry Links 2.2 miles View
C30 Brechin Cortachy 14.7 miles View
C31 Kirriemuir Brechin 14.3 miles View
C32 Bogindollo Coull 2.6 miles View
C33 Careston Kirkton of Menmuir 3.2 miles View
C34 Edzell Kirkton of Menmuir 7.5 miles View
C35 Mains of Dun Kirkton of Menmuir 10.7 miles View
C36 Woodburn Invermark 12.3 miles View
C37 North Water Bridge Hillside 4.9 miles View
C38 Marykirk Bridge Pert 2 miles View
C39 Kinnaber Tayock 3.1 miles View
C3 Newbigging Travebank 1 mile View
C403 Longforgan Tullybaccart 5.7 miles View
C40 Montrose Street Trinity Road 1.3 miles View
C41 Denhead Bonnyton 2.6 miles View
C42 Farnell New Forebank 1.9 miles View
C43 New Forebank Broadfaulds 5.3 miles View
C440 Pitcur Collace 4.2 miles View
C445 Kirkinch Council Boundary 0.6 miles View
C44 Balgavies Loch Stannochy 6.5 miles View
C45 Ferryden West Newton House 7.7 miles View
C46 Arbroath Inverkeilor 6.8 miles View
C47 Arbroath Auchmithie 1.5 miles View
C48 Arbroath Chapelton 4.1 miles View
C49 Colliston Loanhead 1.6 miles View
C4 Monifieth Duntrune 3.5 miles View
C4 Arbroath Road Ethiebeaton 0.2 miles View
C50 Muirhouse Chapelton 2.8 miles View
C51 Hillend Arbroath 10.3 miles View
C52 Cockhill Drumyellow 4.4 miles View
C53 Guthrie Tulloes 4.8 miles View
C54 Chapelton Bowriefauld 2.2 miles View
C55 Lochlands Mosside 3 miles View
C56 Forfar Caldhame 2.1 miles View
C57 Kingsmuir Whigstreet 3.5 miles View
C58 Craichie Lour 1.1 miles View
C59 Panlathy Arbirlot 4.2 miles View
C5 Barns of Wedderburn Powrie 1 mile View
C5 Forfar Road Council Boundary 0.5 miles View
C600 Dundee Road Arbilot Road 0.4 miles View
C601 Keptie Road East Muirlands Road 0.3 miles View
C602 Keptie Street Spink Street 0.1 miles View
C603 Burnside Drive West Port 0.2 miles View
C604 Kirk Square Hill Place 0.7 miles View
C606 Abbey Park Arbroath Abbey 0.05 miles View
C607 Burnside Drive Fisheracre 0.2 miles View
C60 Balcathie Arbirlot 1 mile View
C610 Greenlawhill Barry Bypass 0.8 miles View
C61 Carnoustie Fauldiehill 4.4 miles View
C62 Balmachie Carnoustie 1.4 miles View
C63 Barry Road Kinloch Street 0.1 miles View
C64 Barry Road Victoria Street 0.3 miles View
C65 Anderson Street High Street 0.1 miles View
C66 High Street Station 0.1 miles View
C67 North Esk Road River Street 1.2 miles View
C68 Basin View High Street 0.2 miles View
C69 High Street Union Row 0.5 miles View
C6 Auchterhouse Barns of Wedderburn 9.7 miles View
C6 Berwick Drive Council Boundary 0.6 miles View
C70 Basin View Murray Street 0.1 miles View
C72 Lindsay Street Glengate 0.3 miles View
C73 Victoria Street The Cross 0.3 miles View
C74 West Port East Port 0.7 miles View
C75 North Esk Road Basin View 0.9 miles View
C76 North Esk Road Medicine Well Drive 0.3 miles View
C77 Brechin Road North Street 0.2 miles View
C78 Victoria Street Market Street 0.2 miles View
C79 Carlogie Road Newtown Road 0.5 miles View
C7 South Balluderon Dundee 2.3 miles View
C80 Thomas Street Kinloch Street 0.05 miles View
C81 Market Street Suttieside Road 0.4 miles View
C8 Dronley Baldovan 4.2 miles View
C9 North Dronley Leoch 1.9 miles View
E120 Perth Perth 303 miles View
1 Dover Norwick View
77 Dundee Ballinluig View
T30 Perth Inverness View 


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