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Slug Road
From: Glasslaw Bridge (NO863842)
To: Crathes (NO749965)
Via: Stonehaven, Rickarton, Blairdryne
Length: 14.8 miles (23.9 km)
Meets:  A92, B979, B9077, A93
Former Number(s): A94, B978
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A957 Glasslaw Bridge - Crathes


The A957, known as the Slug Road, is one of the ancient 'Mounth' passes connecting Angus to Deeside. The north end has seen changes of route, as the Durris Bridge over the Dee was a private road (with toll) until 1970s. The original route for the A957 ended on the old A943 (at NO724959, now unclassified between Bridge of Feugh and Brigton Farm) South Deeside Road about three miles west of the Durris crossroads, although historically the Slug Road has ended at various points as far west as Bridge of Feugh (Banchory).

Stonehaven bypass - Crathes

Slug Road, Stonehaven

Today the A957 begins at Glasslaw Bridge on the A92 bypass, heads into town, and passes the Stonehaven bus station. It then heads north-west out of the town, over the A90 with no junction and follows up the right bank of the Cowie Water which it crosses to reach the village of Rickarton.

From here it climbs steadily and steeply up into the Durris Forest to reach a height of 230 m (740 ft) before zig-zagging down the northern side of the hills, past the Crossroads stone circle on the right, to cross the 1977-build Durris Bridge over the River Dee to meet the A93 at Crathes.
Michael Anazapela writes:
A horrible, winding road that seems to take forever. It's next to impossible to take at any sort of speed, and basically cuts the corner for Royal Deeside so that Deeside bound traffic takes the A957 instead of heading into Aberdeen to join the A93.


The original northern end of the A957

The A957 came into being in the mid-1920s when the B978 Stonehaven to Banchory road was upgraded to Class I status. However, as stated above, this road ended on the A943 on the right bank of the River Dee requiring traffic to head about a mile west to cross the river at Banchory. Construction of the new Durris Bridge rerouted the northern end of the road and downgraded the A943.

At the other end the A957 originally started on the A92 in the centre of Stonehaven. When the town's bypass was built the A957 was extended along the downgraded section of A94 to meet the southern bypass. The A90 has now taken over the A94 south of Stonehaven and A92 to the north of town meaning that comparing road numbers is not always easy.

JunctionsCrathes Crossroads • Dunnottar Intersection
CrossingsDurris Bridge
RoadsAngus Coastal Tourist Route • EuroVelo 12 • NCN1 • North East Coastal Trail
PlacesBanchory • Stonehaven
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