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From:  Guardbridge (NO441228)
To:  St Michaels (NO449188)
Via:  Leuchars
Distance:  2.7 miles (4.3 km)
Meets:  A91, A914
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Route outline (key)
A919 Guardbridge - St Michaels
Guardbridge Mill

The A919 runs through the East Fife town of Leuchars. Despite its short length, it is a busy route, connecting St Andrews to both the railway network at Leuchars Station, and also the Tay Road Bridge and so Dundee. With a large student population in St Andrews, and the popular tourism industry in the city, the A919 can at times become extremely busy.

The route starts off in Guardbridge on a roundabout with the A91. Immediately to the east on the A91 is the Bridge over the River Eden, after which the village is named. The A919 then heads north past the semi derelict industrial site of Eden Mill, which is slowly being redeveloped as a new campus for the university, which stands at the head of the estuary and through the village. There is then very little open country left before the perimeter fence of RAF Leuchars is reached on the right. The former route forked right here and ran past the RAF base and through the town centre; however, the A919 now bypasses some of Leuchars to the West along the former St Andrews branch line. A large park and ride site sits to the left at the station on the surviving Edinburgh to Dundee railway line. The road then rejoins its original route by turning left at a roundabout. It runs alongside the railway to St Michaels Junction, where it ends at a TOTSO staggered crossroads with the A914 (former A92) to the left and then the B945 turning north.


The old route through Leuchars village is easy enough to follow today, as it is named Main Street throughout. The village has grown enormously over the years, especially with the RAF base alongside, making the bypass a necessity to take traffic away from the villages winding streets. However, the 1922 MOT map seems to show the route passing to the north of the church along School Hill.

The 1922 MOT Road List defines this route as: Guard Bridge - Leuchars - Carrick

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Guardbridge Mill - Geograph - 171874.jpgA919 heading for Guardbridge.jpgThe Inner Bridge at Guardbridge.jpg
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