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Location Map
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From:  Bridgend, Perth (NO122241)
To:  Forfar (NO452503)
Via:  Coupar Angus
Distance:  29.2 miles (47 km)
Meets:  A93, B953, B948, A923, B954, A928, B9127, A90, A926
Former Number(s):  A929
Old route now:  A85, B9128, A90, B935, A966, A937, A957
Highway Authorities

Angus • Perth and Kinross

Traditional Counties

Angus • Perthshire

Route outline (key)
A94 Links in Perth
A94 Perth – Forfar
A94 Forfar – Stonehaven


The A94 was originally a primary route from Perth to Stonehaven, then in its glory days from the early 1980s to mid-1990s it was upgraded to take the main Edinburgh-Dundee-Aberdeen trunk dual carriageway from Forfar to Stonehaven, before losing this section to the A90. Now, it's a quiet non-primary 'tourist' route passing through the flat farmland Strathmore and East Perthshire, but still the shortest route between Perth and Forfar and an alternative to the main A90 via Dundee.


From the south, the A94 begins at a traffic light Y-junction with the A93 in east Perth, and heads north east, through New Scone (say Scoon), leaving this commuter town on a wide three-lane stretch. The A94 is relatively fast and wide past Perth 'airport' (I believe there is a private airstrip here) and passes through Balbeggie, where the B953 heads back past Dunsinane Castle through the Sidlaw Hills, to join the main Aberdeen road, the A90, at Inchture.

Annety Burn Bridge

Continuing northeast, the A94 continues through farmland to the twin villages of Burrelton and Woodside, before widening again to three lanes before entering Coupar Angus (not in Angus). Coupar Angus has a fairly recent relief road, avoiding the town centre, so at traffic lights the A923 heads southeast to Dundee, and at a mini roundabout the same route heads northwest to Blairgowrie. The A94 continues northeastwards to Meigle, the next village on the route, where the Dundee - Alyth road (B954, once A927) meets the A94.

Our road is now heading almost due east as it enters Angus, and reaches Glamis, famous for its castle. The A928 heads north to Kirriemuir and south to Dundee here. The final section of the A94 passes the hamlets of Jericho and Douglastown before reaching the A90 Forfar bypass at a folded dumbbell interchange. The A94 continues ahead into the town centre, ending at traffic lights on the A926.


The A94 originally reached Stonehaven

Originally the A94 started closer to the centre of Perth, at the western end of Perth Bridge and a junction with the then A85 (now A989), Charlotte Street / Tay Street. The A93 ended on the A94 and not the other way round as is now the case. The A94 was later extended further in to the city, crossing the river and following the southern part of what is now the inner ring road to meet the A90. There was also a spur on the east bank of the Tay to meet the A85. These two routes had previously been the A920 and A922 respectively.

A94 historic route from 1922/3 numbering

At the other end, the A94 originally extended beyond Forfar via Brechin to end on the A92 on the southern edge of Stonehaven. The Forfar to Stonehaven section was gradually upgraded to dual carriageway in the 1980s and 1990s with the places en route being bypassed. The section through Forfar, for example, became A929, A926, B9128. Then in the early 1990s the whole section from the Forfar bypass onwards to Stonehaven became part of a much-extended A90, to give the main road along the East Coast a single number. Round the same time the A94 was extended back into Forfar town centre along what was the A929. Some maps still give that road the A929 number but signage (and the fact that the remainder of the A929 is in Dundee) shows this is not the case.

JunctionsBridgend (Perth) • Coupar Angus • Glamis Crossroads • Glamis Junction • Meigle
PlacesBrechin • Coupar Angus • Forfar • Perth • Stonehaven
MiscellaneousA94/Named Junctions • Cross Tay Link Road
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