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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Milnathort (NO120047)
To:  Windygates (NO350005)
Distance:  15.4 miles (24.8 km)
Meets:  A91, A922, B996, B919, B920, B969, A92, A915, A916
Highway Authorities

Fife • Perth and Kinross

Traditional Counties

Fife • Kinross-shire

Route outline (key)
A911 Milnathort – Windygates
Balgedie Toll

The A911 is a main (though non-primary) west-to-east road linking the PerthEdinburgh axis to Glenrothes and Leven.

Logically, the A911 starts at junction 7 of the M90 where the A91 (ninety-one, not A911) starts to multiplex with the M90. However, the original A91 east from here is still numbered as such according to maps and signs and so the A911 actually starts at a mini-roundabout in the centre of Milnathort, where the A91 used to start to multiplex along the A90. As the latter has now been downgraded in this area, all four roads meeting at the roundabout have different numbers - the other two are A922 and unclassified.

The road runs east for a few hundred yards then TOTSOs right with the original A90 (now B996) continuing ahead. Our road passes Burleigh Castle, a small ruin just outside of Milnathort where flats have been built alongside the castle. After the castle, the A911 becomes a rural road winding through small villages such as Kinneswood and Scotlandwell (apparently there is a well), where it TOTSOs left. Despite having skirted around two sides of Loch Leven so far, the landscape is so flat that the loch can hardly be seen. The road then runs through forest and descends to Auchmuirbridge, a good point for fishing on the river Leven, before heading into the town of Leslie. Here it turns right and then left to get onto the wide High Street.

Glenrothes is next with all its roundabouts, 5 actually in about 2 or 3 miles. The first has 4-5 giant flowers (plastic or fibreglass obviously). There is a small bit of dual-carriageway then single-carriageway once more past the rear of the Kingdom Centre shopping centre. We go past a Shell petrol station and the best part of this road, The Queensway. Why?, you may ask. Simply because it is the fastest way out of Glenrothes!!! The Preston roundabout is next up and the last roundabout before the terminus: it is the meeting point of the A92 and the A911 and a local road, but there are slips to the A92 north-bound from the Queensway east-bound. The A911 now runs along the river Leven Valley to Leven; this is the Markinch, Milton and Windygates By-passes and is almost dead-straight, but for a little kink when it goes through the railway viaduct at Markinch. The end of the road is at the A915 and A916 roundabout on the far side of Windygates.


Apart from the slight extension in Milnathort, the western half of the A911 has seen little change since 1922. However, from the western edge of Glenrothes, the route has changed substantially. From the first roundabout at Leslie Mains, the road used to kink left, finding what is now called Lodge Rise as far as Aspen Avenue. Here, the footpath from the junction leading round to Cadham Road is the old road line, followed by Cadham Road itself all the way to the A92. After a short multiplex to the south, the B9130 picks up the old A911 route through Markinch.

After crossing the railway, the old A911 route continues eastwards, in the long straight past the cemetery towards Bellfield. A sharp turn southwards crosses the modern line of the A911 at right angles (the northern arm has been realigned to prevent a crossroads), and then turns sharp left into Milton of Balgonie. At the far end of the village, the A911 briefly resumes its historical route, before the two diverge once more as the old route heads into Windygates on Milton Road. The A911 then terminated at the crossroads, where the A916 now turns sharply eastwards to find the new junction. The Milton bypass appears to have been built first, appearing on the 1976 OS Landranger map in advance of the rest of the route. The section to the west, as far as the B9130 junction is open but unclassified, and the next section to reach the A92 is under construction. The section through the town centre is shown as the B969 on the same map.

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