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B506 (Northern Ireland)

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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Belfast (J348741)
To:  Ballynafeigh (J348712)
Via:  Ravenhill Road
Distance:  1.9 miles (3.1 km)
Meets:  A23, A20, A24
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Route outline (key)
B506 Belfast - Ballynafeigh
Heading north

The B506 is an urban B-road to the east of Belfast city centre.

The road originally started on the A2 Middlepath Street and headed south along Short Strand. However, road improvements in this area have meant that the northern end of the A23 has now been rerouted along the northern section of Short Strand. The B506 now starts a short distance to the south, where the A23 turns off at a traffic-light-controlled TOTSO.

The B506 continues south along the remainder of Short Strand and is forced left off its original line to traffic lights, where it crosses Albertbridge Road, which is the A20 (although some maps claim it to be the A510). On the far side the B506 rejoins its original line (which is still a public road and used as part of the junction) and continues along Ravenhill Road. After passing through an industrial estate the road becomes largely residential. It skirts Ormeau Park on the right for over half a mile before passing a recreation ground on the left. As such the road is rarely lined with houses on both sides. Shortly afterwards the B506 ends on a roundabout, where it meets the A24.

B506 (Northern Ireland)
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