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C102 (Jersey)

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From:  Trinity
To:  Boulay Bay
Distance:  1 miles (1.6 km)
Meets:  B31, C95, C96
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Route outline (key)
C102 Trinity - Boulay Bay
This article is about the C102 in Jersey.
For other roads numbered C102, see C102

The C102 is a famous road on Jersey. Even if its number isn't widely known, many people will have heard of the hill climb course at Boulay Bay on the island's north coast, and the C102 is that road. Going downhill, the route starts at a crossroads on the B31 to the east of Trinity Village and heads north to a T junction with the C96, Immediately to the north of this is a fork, where the C102 sweeps down the first big hairpin bend, whilst the right turn is a steeper route down the hill. This fork seems to be the end of the hill climb course.

The road is cut into the hillside as it descends, and seems fairly gentle on the way down, but it is much more challenging on the way up. From the first fork, the runs north west, before sweeping round the fist hairpin and heading back to the east. Two further hairpins follow, the second less severe, and then you are lulled into a false sense of security as the road follows a gentle left hander. Soon after, however, a sharp double bend winds around properties and then a large hotel comes into view ahead, quickly followed by the sea as the road curves round to the left to the small car park above the beach. This is the start of the course, as while the road continues a little further round to the harbour wall, it is a dead end and more or less level beyond the car park area.

The road is used several times a year for a variety of hill climb events, some local, others part of the national championship. Along with Guernsey, they are unusual in being held on public roads, as mainland Britain has long prohibited such events. The course record currently equates to a fraction under 55mph, from a standing start, substantially over the blanket 40mph limit on Jersey, but nevertheless surprisingly slow when single seater, F1 (or lesser series) style cars compete.

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C102 (Jersey)
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